Origin Season 2

Origin Season 2: Happening Or Not? Plot Details & More Updates

Origin Season 2: It has been a considerable amount of time since Youtube Premium’s sci-fi drama came on our screens. The show left us with many questions and much excitement about the subsequent installments. Only when viewers were starting to ask questions about Origin Season 2, Youtube started canceling its original scripted programs. Amidst these cancellations and policy changes, what is coming up for Origin Season 2? What will be the fate of the second season? Here is everything about it-

Origin Season 2: Who Will We See?

Origin Season 2 will most probably see all the main cast members coming back. Former Harry Potter star- Tom Felton will come back as Logan. He will be the main lead of the sci-fi drama. Along with Tom, Natalia Tena will come back as Lana Pierce, Sen Mitsuji as Shun Kenzaki, and Nora Arnezeder as Evelyn Ray. They all will be coming back to reprise their roles. Other stars, including Fraser James, Philipp Christopher, Madelyn Horcher, and Siobhan Cullen, will be returning to reprise their roles.

Origin Season 2

What Could Be Coming Up?

In the first season of Origin, a group of colonists especially selected by monolithic Siren Corporation, goes to a distant planet- Thea, to populate it. Their journey comes to an end when a technical failure occurs in their spacecraft. The plotline takes a mysterious turn when eight passengers wake up in the middle of a flight. They find that the ship is damaged, and some crew members are missing. Then they realize that they have reached five light-years away from Earth and also their destination Thea.

Origin Season 2

The crew members do not trust each other, but they will have to work together to be able to figure out the mystery. Viewers get to see a series of flashbacks. Then they come to know about the backgrounds of the characters. Later on, viewers come to know that one of the members does not want he claims to be. Panic sweeps in afterward.

The inaugural season of Origin concluded with a murder mystery coming into light. There is a horror element that the viewers get to see. So, Origin Season 2 will pick up where the first season left. This murder mystery will be solved, while more new adventures come up.

Renewal Status & Release Date!

The inaugural season of Origin bagged much appreciation for visual graphics. The horror atmosphere was quite impactful. Everybody was pretty sure that Origin season 2 will receive the green light. However, Youtube took a different path. They started canceling all the original scripted programs to move towards more ad-based content. Hence, Origin was canceled after the first season. However, Watkins has revealed in various interviews that they have almost four seasons in mind. So, perhaps the creatures are looking for a new home. We sincerely hope that Origin finds a new home for their subsequent installments. We will keep you updated with all the news, so you stay tuned.

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