Better Than Us Season 2

Better Than Us Season 2: Did Netflix Canceled The Next Season? Everything To Know

People are a big fan of the sci-fi series set in the future. That’s why everyone’s eyes are set for the arrival of Better Than Us Season 2. The show is about robots with cutting edge technology that’s being queried after by the organization that developed it. The unique storyline of the series caught the attention of the viewers. Now everyone are waiting for the succeeding chapter to see the events that happen after the first season. 

Better Than Us is a Russian sci-fi TV series. Andrey Junkovsky created this show for a Russian channel. Netflix bought it under the English title and presented it as the first Russian Netflix original series. It is available to stream outside Russia and China. The series made its debut on August 16, 2019, on the streaming giant. It received quite a positive response from both the fans as well as the critics.

Better Than Us Season 2

Renewal Status Of The Second Season!

Netflix neither renewed nor canceled the second installment of the series. Or to be more precise, it’s the third season. The debut season fans saw worldwide was actually the second season of the show. Netflix merged two Russian seasons to make one season of the series. According to Russian media, the third season is on the cards and will happen sooner or later. However, it is still unknown whether Netflix will release the third season as second or wait for the fourth season too. Since the streaming giant didn’t renew it, it is also unclear whether the fans will see the following installments on Netflix.

Better Than Us Season 2 renewal

Better Than Us Season 2: Plot Details!

The title itself hinted about the plot of this sci-fi series. In the show, humans were insecure about robots because they were taking their jobs and replacing them in various places. There is a robot named Arisa. She is designed to be a wife to a man and parent to adopted children, and she does not abide by Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. She is programmed to defend her family, which includes herself. Arisa accidentally killed a man at CRONOS who attempted to use her as a sex cyborg and then escapes. She finds little Sonia and automatically links with her and makes herself the child’s guardian.

Meanwhile, a lot of murders are taking place, and someone is trying to hide it. There is also an association that doesn’t like the presence of robots within human society. They believe that robots are just metal boxes that can never compare to humans. They started to hunt down the robots and started killing them. What makes them even more deadly is that they are willing to kill any human who tries to stop them. By doing so, they eventually started a war with robots. Now, Better Than Us Season 2 will move the story forward. And undoubtedly, there will be a massive conflict between humans and robots.

Better Than Us Season 2 Plot

Better Than Us Season 2: Release Date

The sci-fi series is always welcomed in the industry, and this particular show displayed the scenario that viewers would love to explore. If Netflix renewed the series in the upcoming months, then fans can expect to see Better Than Us Season 2 on streaming giant sometime in 2022. 

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