April 25, 2024
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Tommy Flanagan: Most Recognised Scar-Glaswegian Smile; Proud Of Struggle

Tommy Flanagan

The Scottish actor, Tommy Flanagan, is famous for his role as Chibs Telford on the FX original series ‘Sons Of Anarchy.’ He was born on July 3, 1965, in Glasgow, Scotland. With some struggle in his childhood, Flanagan lived a charmed life afterward. Moreover, he had a rough past, letting him grow much faster emotionally than usual.


Let’s dig deep and know more about Tommy Flanagan’s personal and professional life! Take a look.

Tommy Flanagan: Struggle While Growing

Tommy Flanagan’s father abandoned his mother when he was at the age of six. He grew up without the shadow of his father and faced a lot of trouble. However, his mother, Betty, always kept him in line. While growing up, he worked as a painter, decorator, and even as a disc jockey. His life was a perfect example of struggle while growing up, and now he has achieved so much to compensate for all the scars from the past.

Most Recognised Scar: Glaswegian Smile

Talking about the scars, many of you have wondered how he has so many marks on his face. This comes out of an incident. Flanagan was out at a pub one night, having a regular time. At that time, he used to work at the pub for his earnings. While leaving the pub, a group of people came and attacked him. The gang robbed Flanagan and slashed him as well. There were too many attackers for him to contend with. They slashed him from ear to ear with a sharp knife. He got his face got back to normal, but scars remained there forever. These scars have become Flanagan’s most recognized feature, called Glasgow Grin or the Glaswegian Smile.

Tommy Flanagan

Growing Career

Tommy Flanagan first started his career as a DJ in Scotland. He used to put a lot of effort into his work and thereby gathered massive fans at his place. His work popularized him in the entire U.K. When Wu Assassins, a Netflix film series, was produced; he got featured in the film. Then onwards, Flanagan started carving his career. He has always been a hard-working member of the entertainment industry. Tommy has played significant roles in various movies and TV series. Some of his famous parts are in Westworld, Sons of Anarchy, Peaky Blinders, Bad Boys, Gladiator, and many more.

Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan: Active Love Life

Tommy Flanagan has thoroughly been active in his love life. He was married to his first lover Rachel Flanagan from 1998 to 2001. Tommy didn’t lose hope in his love chances after the heartbreak from his first love. He then met Jane Ford and tied the knot in 2007. In the same year, he tied the knots with Dian Livingstone. They both have a beautiful daughter named Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan. The family seems to have a happy life and enjoy the lavishness in Los Angeles.

Tommy Flanagan

Chibs Didn’t Let His Scar Take Him Down

Flanagan never let his scars slow him down. He has always been going on in his life, career, and even in his love life. It was his request to give him the nickname ‘Chibs,’ after his cheek scars. He is proud of his struggle. Naming himself after his scar is a big thing, meaning that he will never forget what he has gone through. That is the spirit of Flanagan, which keeps him going on and on.

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