April 25, 2024
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Doc Martin Season 10: Is It Happening? Creators Drop Hints About What Could Be Coming Up!

Doc Martin Season 10

Doc Martin Season 10: The ninth season of the show- Doc Martin released in November 2019. The show concluded, leaving the fans with a big cliffhanger. Ever since then, fans are eager for more. Creators of the show have revealed details about what is happening to Doc Martin Season 10.


 The medical comedy-drama follows Martin Bamford from the 2000 comedy Saving Grace. The series first released in 2004. When everybody started thinking that the show was over, it looks like it’s not all true. Here is all you need to know about Doc Martin Season 10

Is Doc Martin Season 10 Coming? 

As of this moment, nobody knows. However, we wouldn’t say that Doc Martin is entirely out of scope. In 2017, The lead actor of the series- Martin Clunes, who portrays Doctor Martin Ellingham, revealed that ITV had renewed the drama till 2019. He does not know if there will be a season 10. “Ask me after two years,” he added.

Doc Martin Season 10

Later on, Doc Martin director- Nigel Cole spoke at the Cornwall Film Festival and revealed that Doc Martin would come back for season 10. He said that they had started working on the tenth season, and it is official. 

Doc Martin Season 10: When Is The Show Coming?

Back in 2007, when the third season of Doc Martin released, the series made a pattern. There has been a gap of two years between the release of every season. We can expect Doc Martin to follow the same pattern. The ninth season of Doc Martin released in 2019, so Doc Martin Season 10 should release sometime in 2021. 

Doc Martin Season 10

However, all of it depends on what creators and writers choose for the season. It also depends on the shooting allowances, cast availability, and things like that. 

What Has Happened So Far? 

The ninth season of the show concluded with a big cliffhanger. Fans are really curious to know if Doc Martin would come back or not. The finale episode ended with Doc Martin going through the final part of his General Medical Council Scrutiny. 

Doc Martin Season 10

Before his review could even begin, Martin resigned, knowing that he would be struck off the register. Before he could tell Louisa (his wife) that he has quit the medical field, she tells him she was pregnant. 

In the finale episode of the show, Martin tells everyone he was now unemployed and admitted that the time was the worse for that. 

Did show ended With Season 9?

To fuel the fire of the show’s ending with season 9, ITV took on to twitter to release a photo of Martin and Louisa after the episode concluded. They captioned to the picture with- Goodbye, Doc! You’ll be missed! #DocMartin. This kind of hinted that the show was over for good. 

Just after this, Fans started expressing their fear that Doc Martin might not return. They started tweeting several things. One fan wrote that he loves Doc Martin, and the ninth season is better than the last season. 

Doc Martin Season 10

Another fan tweeted that he is gutten and cannot believe that the show is over. A third fan said that it would be mad if ITV ends the show there. He called the series the best series. He even urged ITV to commission another series. 

But now, all of us know that the Doc Martin Season 10 is coming. This will solve all the questions fans have about the series. We will keep passing on the updates. So, you stay tuned. 

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