May 27, 2024
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Gangs Of London Season 2: Renewal? Gareth Evans Discussing Possible Plot, Release Date

Gangs Of London Season 2

Gangs Of London Season 2 became the most awaited show after the first season aired on HBO’s Cinemax and Sky Atlantic with a smash. However, Gangs Of London Season 2 hasn’t been renewed yet. Still, there’s a high possibility of its renewal, since its first installment was the remarkable binged show this year on Sky Atlantic. Further, it was the second biggest crime-drama show after Fortitude ever on that platform. Moreover, as per THR reports, Gangs of London Season 2 could hit HBO’s Cinemax again somewhere in 2021.


Gangs Of London, created by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, is a British crime-drama action-packed series. The show follows the struggle faced by rival groups and other criminal associations in today’s London. The story began when the mighty criminal Finn Wallace murdered. That left an unanswered question such as who killed such an influential person. Now there are rivals everywhere. Further, the show continues with more killing for money and abuse of power that leads the show on another level. Now, let’s see what happens next in London’s crime world.

Gangs Of London Season 2: What Cameron Roach Has To Say?

As per THR reports, Gangs of London Season 2 would hit HBO’s Cinemax later this year. The news came just after the first season reached 2.23 million views within a week. However, it’s yet to announce officially. But, director of drama and Sky Studios, Cameron Roach disclosed his excitement for Gangs Of London. He spoke to THR- “We are pleased by the reviews to Gangs of London. We are also glad to have brought Gareth Evans’ unique cinematic vision to the small screen for the first time.”

Cameron further added: “This epic tale, with family at his heart and intuitive, action-packed fight sequences. Has taken viewers on an immersive journey into the bottom of London’s present-day criminal underworld. The record-breaking results are proof to Sky’s ongoing commitment to innovation and promoting the very best of bold, British drama”. So, let’s just wait and see when Gangs Of London Season 2 hit HBO’s Cinemax again.

Gangs Of London Season 2: What Will Happen?

How Far Can Elliot Go In His Relationship?

Though Gangs Of London follows killing for power, it’s also centered on the charming romantic relationship between Ed Dumani’s daughter Shannon (Pippa Bennett-Warner) and undercover cop Elliot (Sope Dirisu). However, it’s a more dangerous relationship too. Since Elliot shoots Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) to protect his love Shannon and her son Danny. It shows he can go to any limit to prove his loyalty to Shannon.

On this, Gareth Evans stated: “There’s a lot there to be done with them (Shannon and Elliot) as characters. Especially when Alex (Paapa Essiedu) will know more about Elliot. He will understand a bit more about what Elliot has been doing the entire time. Now, who knows what goes on there with those relationships. And what can Elliot bring to the table now as somebody who has potentially gone crook?”

Will Shannon Continue Her Relationship?

Shannon is now aware of Elliot’s duplicity. But her ex-executive Vicky Chung (Jing Lusi) disclosed that Elliot had gone crook. He even tries to attack Shannon while asking her to join his side. Though she used to stay away from such violence, this betrayal indicates that now her rage could lead her into the most powerful position in the upcoming season.

On this, Evans stated: “That kind of betrayal is a cloud of gold dust for actors. So, they could play out those drama beats. I think the conflict between those two (Elliot and Shannon) would be interesting. I think they had such an incredible amount of chemistry between them in those early episodes.”

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