May 27, 2024
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Dark Season 3: The End Of Darkness; Trailer Out! Plot Details & Release Date

Dark Season 3

“The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end,” if you are a true fan, you will understand the quote. The Netflix’s most awaited series Dark has dropped the trailer of its third season on the web. Dark Season 3 will probably be the last installment of the mind-bending drama. The most compelling, unique, and detailed mythos series on the internet will have a lot to unpack with the upcoming season.


Dark is a German sci-fi thriller drama, co-created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The show has the most compelling theme song, which sets you in a different world. The question of the show is not Where, or Who, or How- the question is ‘When.’ The story revolves around the disappearance of two young children exposing the double lives and fractured relationships among four families. However, the families are set in a frantic hunt, with a supernatural twist. The show unfolds both tense and terrifying situations. Everything is connected in the series so much that you may get lost sometimes. Don’t worry; we are there to show you the way.

Dark Season 3

Trailer’s Out: No-One Will Escape Their fate

The trailer of the show is hitting the web like nothing else. However, it gives viewers a glimpse of what’s waiting ahead. Seeing history, we can predict that the show will get a lot darker in the future. In the trailer, a character asks about the time; the girl replies, “it’s not about what time, but from what world.” However, it looks like no-one will be escaping their fate in the upcoming season. We see the trailer catching up from the last scene. Jonas and Martha were having a conversation on the day of the apocalypse, June 27, 2020, same as that of releasing date.

Dark Season 3

What Fate Will Dark Season 3 Bring?

In the third and final season of the show, Dark will reach some unexpected space. The show will surely have some spine-chilling conclusion. However, it will be beyond time and space. We see Jonas arriving into a new world in the trailer. He will try to make sense of what this rendition of Winden means for his fate. There will be two worlds, Light and Dark. Now, the title of the show seems to make sense. Between the two worlds falls an epic love story. We will find how the two worlds and the love in each one will meet each other. For instance, the ending of the show will summarize everything and make a proper connection. Buckle up, to uncover the secrets.

Dark Season 3

Dark Season 3: Release Date

The beginning of the end will soon be on your doors. Dark Season 3 is set to release on June 27, 2020, the same date as that of the apocalypse. We will soon see the unfolding of the terrifying mystery, with more twists and turns in it. More black things are on its way; have the patience for a few days as it’s not too far. Stay in the link for such exciting news.

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