May 26, 2024
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House Of Cards Season 7: Did Netflix Renew The Show For Another Season? Possibilities & Plot Details

house of cards season 7

The fans have been asking for another installment of House Of Cards. But as of now, House Of Cards Season 6 is the final season of Netflix’s political drama series. After the sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey, Netflix canceled House Of Cards Season 7. Netflix ordered the showrunner to remove Spacey from the sixth and the final season. Although the entire series gained enormous positive reviews from critics and several nominations, including thirty-three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Lead Actress, and Outstanding Drama Series, Netflix declared that there would be no seventh season.


House Of Cards, created by Beau Willimon, is a political thriller series on Netflix. The series is an adaptation of 1990 BBC miniseries based on Michael Dobbs’ novel of the same name. The show set in Washington D.C. follows Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) stories. Frank is a democrat from House Majority Whip and South Carolina’s fifth congressional district. He has attained the designation of Secretary of State and initiates to elaborate his power with the help of Claire. The entire series deals with ruthless pride, manipulation, power, and betrayal.

House Of Cards Season 7: Is It The End Of House Of Cards?

Netflix is famous for picking up shows after cancelation, such as Lucifer, as Netflix values the quality of content. Even Netflix itself revived the shows that were on the verge of cancelation, such as Black Mirror. But, this time, the case is quite different, as Netflix is unlikely to renew House Of Cards for the seventh season. The giant streaming platform, which significantly values its original content, it would never allow House Of Cards to continue on other streaming platforms such as Amazon or Hulu. As of now, House Of Cards Season 7 future is entirely in fog.

Netflix announced season sixth would be the final season. The announcement came soon after when Anthony Repp alleged that Kevin Spacey had tried to have sex with him when Repp was only 14 years old. However, Netflix didn’t foresee such a scandalous situation before. But, Repp’s statement converts it into a deathblow for the drama series. Netflix ordered House Of Cards creator to remove Spacey from the show. That turns the sixth season as “Claire vs. Frank.” It leads to Frank’s resignation from the presidency position, followed by his mysterious death. However, Spacey is no longer a part of the series now. Still, it seems Netflix doesn’t want to give another chance to the series.

Star Cast Hoping To Return

After sexual assault allegations, Spacey got removed from the show. That made writers to create his on-screen death story, which is well strategically planned as Frank was the former president. So, he can’t die any natural death. However, in the season finale, Claire found that Dough poisoned Frank. But, the cliffhanger ending of Claire left the audience wondering what happens with her?

In an interview, James Gibson explained: “Claire essentially weaponizing motherhood in a rather cruel way. And then the big surprise is that she doesn’t feel what she expects to feel. It’s much complicated”. Further, Kelly explained: “I think a lot of audiences will wonder, is Janine going to get Claire? And I think you can say that Claire’s not done yet”. Perhaps there’s some hope that House Of Cards Season 7 would return. But, where it would land is still a mystery.

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