May 26, 2024
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Crossing Swords Season 2: Renewed For Next Season By Hulu, Next Level, Release Date & More

Crossing Swords Season 2

Crossing Swords Season 2 got greenlit soon after the first season concluded on Hulu. However, Hulu doesn’t reveal the reason for its early renewal. They didn’t even make Crossing Swords ratings publicly. But, the show gained average ratings according to other sources. The first season consists of ten episodes. So it could be possible that the second season would consist of ten episodes by following the streaming service criteria.


Crossing Swords, created by Tom Root and John Harvatine IV, is an adult animated stop-motion comedy series on Hulu. It follows the story of a goodhearted peasant Patrick. He lands a coveted squire situation at the royal castle where his dream job turned into a nightmare. There he discovered that his beloved kingdom is operated by a hornet’s nest of the horny emperor, swindler, and crooks. Unfortunately, Patrick’s boldness made him the black sheep in his family. Now, his fugitive siblings are back to make his life more miserable. The series follows war, blood, and full-frontal nudity.

Renewed For Next Season

Hulu has renewed its stop-motion animated series Crossing Swords for the next season. Crossing Swords Season 2 got renewed soon after its first season wrapped up on Hulu. The first season consists of ten episodes, which premiered on June 12. However, Hulu doesn’t reveal Crossing Swords’ viewership yet. It’s pretty clear that the show hit the streaming platform well, which made them renewed it so early.

As per IMDb, Crossing Swords got 6.6 ratings. Wherein on, the series earned 3 out of 10. And on Rotten Tomatoes, the earned 18% ratings from the audience. However, the overall ratings Crossing Swords received is 87%. As of now, the animation series is easy to create than filming live-action. Although, production started from June 12 by following all the health-protocol. But, an animated series can be created remotely. So, it can be one of the reasons that Hulu started streaming more and more animated series to increase its ratings.

Crossing Swords Season 2: What Will Happen?

Hulu released a short teaser to celebrate the renewal of the second season. It’s quite clear that everything is now turning into its extreme level in the upcoming season. When the king says “welcome to the next level” while ordering its army for a new battle. You can see Patrick saying, “I’m freaking out,” and everyone is getting for the next faceoff with dragons and more. Crossing Swords Season 2 could consist of more blood, stupidity, battle, and nudity.

The cliffhanger ending of the first season opens the door for more successive stories, which season 2 would follow. However, Crossing Swords Season 2 scripting is still on works. As of now, we can’t say anything where the story will lead us.

Crossing Swords Season 2: Release Date

Hulu ordered Crossing Swords in 2018. And the series took two years to debut on Hulu. Since Crossing Swords animation is unique and the storyline is also different. So we can expect Season 2 to premiere somewhere in 2021 or later. However, Hulu didn’t reveal the official premiere date for the upcoming run.

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