May 30, 2024
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Patriot Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled? Lead Actor Michael Dorman Moves To Another Show

Patriot Season 3

Amazon’s American comedy-drama, Patriot has completed two seasons. The show has done exceptionally well. Fans are looking forward to the next installment of their favorite show- Patriot Season 3. Created by Steven Conrad, the show first premiered in November 2015. The show stars Michael Dorman, Michael Chernis, Kurtwood Smith, Aliette Opheim, Terry O’ Quinn, Chris Conard, and Debra Winger. 


We all wonder what is happening to Patriot Season 3, here is all the information you need to know- 

Patriot Season 3: Cancelled Or Renewed?

The first season of the show received a mind-blowing rating, with 91% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. The second season of the show received great reviews too. The second season of the show released in November 2018. After the release, everyone was expecting the creators to renew the show. However, later on, everyone was shocked when Albert Cheng, the co-head of Amazon Studios, confirmed that they had canceled the show. It was heartbreaking news for all the Patriot fans. In a statement, the network’s executive session, Cheng revealed that at this very time, they are not planning for a new season. In fact, they are not planning a new season at all. The comment was enough to assume that the Patriot Season 3 is not coming. 

Patriot Season 3

Fans Reveal Their Disapproval

Fans of the show have taken on to various social media handles, including twitter, to show their disapproval of the show’s cancellation. While one fan called it Amazon Studio’s bad move, another fan said that it was the worst news he had heard in a while. 

Patriot Season 3

Patriot Season 3: Why Cancelled?

Amazon has not yet issued any word about why the show canceled. However, a report issued by Deadline hinted that Michael Dorman, the lead who plays John Tavner, has moved on to another cast for an upcoming science fiction series for Apple. The report mentioned that Amazon would most likely not renew the show for Patriot Season 3. If they ever do, they will have to work around Dorman’s schedule as he will be busy with the Apple Please. 

Patriot Season 3

What Was The Show About?

The show- Patriot revolves around John Tavner, a U.S. intelligence who survives his Midwestern corporate cover in the first season. Then he finds himself in a situation where he has lost his bag that had around 11 million euros. He could not reach even a little close to influence Iran’s presidential election. 

Patriot Season 3

In the second installment of the show, John’s father orders more extreme measures to keep things going. In Patriot Season 2, they go on to assassinate the pro-nuclear candidate in a heavily guarded space in Paris. The plot was very interesting and easily grabbed everyone’s attention. The season had 18 episodes and one of the one interesting plot lines. 

Patriot’s Critical Reception

The first season of the show bagged really great reviews from viewers and critics alike. Rotten Tomatoes reviewed the show with 91% ratings based on 27 reviews. The website tagged the show as dark, quirky, and funny. The series is savvy and enough to watch. A critic from Metacritic assigned the show a score of 68 out of 100 and called it a favorable review. 

Patriot Season 3

The second season bagged positive reviews too. Rotten tomatoes graded the show will a 100% approval with an average rating of 6.42. Metacritic scored it as 80 out of 100. They seemed to be really great reviews, but the show got canceled, and now there’s nothing we can do about it. However, there is still one thing we could do, and that is to hope Amazon brings us more shows like Patriot. 

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