Poldark Season 6

Poldark Season 6: Screenwriter Hints About The Possibilities, Aidan Turner Also Discussing The Future

The BBC’s British Historical drama Poldark concluded with its fifth season. Fans have been looking forward to Poldark Season 6 ever since. Adapted from the novels of the same name, the show stars Aidan Turner as the lead. Set in 1781 and 1801, the story followed a character’s return after the American War of Independence in 1783. 

The show first premiered in seven parts on PBS in the US and on BBC One in the UK. The show concluded in 2018. Now, the screenwriter Debbie has hinted at what could be the fate of the show. Here are all the details- 

Screenwriter Debbie Hints About Poldark Season 6

The Cornish period drama- Poldark concluded with the fifth season of the show in July 2019. However, many viewers have been asking about the future and if they would get more of the show. The fifth season ventured into an entirely new territory, which wasn’t a part of the original novels. Instead, it took on the books of the series that covered the 11 years between the seventh and the eighth novels, The Angry Tide and The Stranger from the Sea.

Poldark Season 6

The screenwriter- Debbie Horsfield, revealed that Winston Graham had left many hints in the eighth book about many events that could come in the future. But he has not yet revealed how Ross achieved the transformation. Horsfield went on to say that the storyline they used was just a starting point for them. It was just a roadmap to navigate through season 5.

Poldark Season 6

Andrew, Winston Graham’s son, continued to endorse his father’s methodology, he kept looking at the historical context. Andrew even used it to drive real people and events. The fifth season did not complete the adaption of all the Poldark novels. This means that there’s more scope that can be covered in further seasons if the BBC wants to continue the series—the last season covered book seven and a little bit between before that. There are in total 12 books, so there are almost five novels left that could be covered. 

Is Season 6 Happening? 

Even if the news is really heartbreaking, it does not look like Poldark Season 6 is happening. The BBC had only planned to create five seasons of the drama. The lead actor Aidan Turner revealed that when they started Poldark, their main aim was to cover as many books as they could. That took them five seasons. Turner also revealed that when they were filming the fifth season, they had a sense of relief and completion. They were relieved that they had made it this far. The show successful and watching it. They are proud to have achieved the fifth season. 

Poldark Season 6

The actor went on to say that he has had an incredible journey. He was watching some clips from the first season, and one of them included Eleanor singing in the parlor, and we everyone there looked so young. It was kind of a reflection on the moments and emotions that they have lived. He says that he thinks that Ross has also grown really much. The actor himself has grown a lot individually. 

The stars have now moved on to various other projects. Not just the cast but everyone else has too. So, it does not looks like Poldark Season 6 would happen. 

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