Glitch Season 4

Glitch Season 4: Renewed Or Cancelled? Cast Details, Release Date & More

The Australian paranormal drama- Glitch has completed three seasons of the show. Fans are looking ahead for Glitch Season 4. The show originally premiered on ABC in Australia in 2015. Later on, Netflix picked the show and made it global in 2016. Created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox, the show features ‘Risen,’ the people who have woken up alive from their graves completely healthy. This is a glitch in the natural process, and hence the name- Glitch. The show has completed three seasons. Here are all the details about Glitch Season 4-

What Is The Show About?

Set in the town of Yoorana in Victoria, Glitch features James Hayes, a police officer in the town. Hayes is being haunted by ghosts of his past. One day, he goes to a local cemetery in the middle of the night and finds seven people who have risen from the dead. However, they have forgotten about their identities. The ones who have come alive want to discover who they are and whatever happened to them. James tries to keep all this hidden with the help of a local doctor. The seven people are somehow linked to each other. They start searching for someone who knows the truth about this incidence. Things become even more complicated when James comes to know that all these people come from various time-periods. 

Glitch Season 4

Similar To Many Shows: Yet Different

The show reminds viewers of many other fan-favorite shows, including- Lost and The Leftovers’. The characters on the show have also come together because of a series of supernatural events. The small-town backdrop and a Pharmaceutical company give a strong Stranger Things vibe to the Glitch. Despite all these similarities, the show will feel entirely different from others. All thanks to the showrunners who have curated the content so deftly. 

The first season of the show gives a backstory of everyone who has came back. Characters seem colorful and varied. The show stands out in the way it tackles the Risen interference in the lives of people in the town. 

Glitch Season 4

By the third season of Glitch, two new people emerge from their graves. In the meantime, James is still struggling to deal with Sarah’s death. While these new dead-alive people are hunkering down for protection, there is a new threat coming for them. 

Glitch Season 4: Who Is In The Cast?

The Glitch is led by Sgt. James Hayes, portrayed by Patrick Brammal and Genevieve O’ Reilly, who plays Dr. Elishia McKellar. The police and doctor start working together on the show. Other members of the cast include Sean Keenan and Emma Booth, who plays Charlie Thompson and Kate Willis, respectively. Kate is one of the people who woke up from the dead. She was James’ wife and had been a very important part of life. 

Glitch Season 4

Glitch Season 4: Release Date

The third season of Glitch released on August 25, 2019, in Australia. In September 2019, the show hit Netflix for the viewers in the US. Over the seasons, the show has gained much popularity. Glitch has also received great reviews from Critics too. Now talking about Glitch Season 4, it isn’t good news. The makers have confirmed that there will not be a Glitch Season 4. However, we can hope that Netflix will soon bring more such shows soon. So, let’s just be hopeful. 

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