MasterChef Junior Season 8

MasterChef Junior Season 8: Renewed! Daphne Oz On-Board As The Third Judge

Fox’s reality cooking show for kids, MasterChef Junior, has completed seven seasons. And the show has been commissioned for MasterChef Junior Season 8. Scripted by Robin Ashbrook, the show allows middle-school students to showcase their cooking talent. Now that the eighth season is coming, here are all the details about the show-

What’s The Format?

The show- MasterChef Junior follows a format where many children come in to compete against one another while maintaining a healthy environment. The show lets children aged 8-13 years apply for the auditions through call agents or online. The interested kids submit videos of their cooking skills in order to get shortlisted. Out of all the applications, twenty-four kids come in for the audition. They are divided into three groups. Out of the eight groups, four groups get into the competition. 

MasterChef Junior Season 8

As the competition proceeds, participants are narrowed down. The last kid standing on the show is the winner of MasterChef Junior. The winner wins a $100,000 cash prize and a memorable experience of the competition. 

One of the best features of the show is the culinary skills and the dedication all the budding talented kids bring. Honestly, the kids lag nowhere behind than the adults on the parallel MasterChef series. The kids display top-notch cooking and presentation skills. 

MasterChef Junior Season 8

The kids on the show prepare number of dishes, cuisines, and courses, which include appetizers, mains, and desserts. Their skills and creativity put in an ultimate test in the show. MasterChef also includes interactions between the contestants and the judges who can guide them. This creates a friendly environment and inculcates interest among middle-age children towards cooking. 

MasterChef Season 8 will bring in more of the healthy competition that will keep everyone engaged. The kids will cook what everyone loves to eat only for you to fall in love with the kids themselves. So, stay tuned. 

Daphne OZ On-Board For MasterChef Junior Season 8

In the fourth season of MasterChef Junior, Christina Tosi came in to judge the show along with Gordon Ramsay. Until now, she has been a part of the show. However, in MasterChef Season 8, that will change. Daphne OZ is coming on board. She will replace Christina Tosi to be on the show, along with Gordon Ramsay and Aarón Sanchez. 

MasterChef Junior Season 8

Daphne Nur Oz is an American television host and nutrition author. She was one of the hosts on the American daytime talk show- The Chew. The show airs on ABC. Daphne Nur Oz has been a part of the show from 2011-2017. The Chef has even penned down many books over time. 

Renewal Status & Release Date

MasterChef Junior initially released in September 2013. Based on the same format as the British Junior MasterChef, the show was renewed in March 2014. The third season of the show was renewed even before the second season released. The second season released in November 2014, followed by the third season in January 2015. The fourth season released later the same year in November 2015. However, the fifth season released a year later in 2017. The sixth season premiered in March 2018. 

MasterChef Junior Season 8

The seventh season of the show released with a special two-episode season in March 2019. In July 2019, MasterChef Junior Season 8 was green-lit. In a statement on May 11, 2020, the network revealed that the show is set to premiere in fall 2020. However, with the current global pandemic going on, it seems less likely. We will keep updating this space with all the new information. So, you stay tuned. 

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