May 26, 2024
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Cobra Kai Season 3: Finally Has A New Home! Show-Runners Sharing Their Excitement, Release Date & More

Cobra Kai Season 3

As we reported earlier- Cobra Kai Season 3 was looking for a new home. It looks like the show has successfully found a place to settle in. For the past few years, Youtube has been changing its original scripted programs to more unscripted ad-based content. So, the streaming service has been canceling many of the scripted series. The only shows not to be canceled were Cobra Kai and Lisa. However, then the word came out that YouTube would cancel Cobra Kai after the third season. This led Sony Pictures trying to secure the show. Now, it looks like they have successfully found a new home. Netflix has picked the show for Cobra Kai Season 3 and beyond. Here is all you need to know regarding the deal- 


Cobra Kai Season 3: What Will Netflix Get Out Of The Deal?

In the new deal with Youtube & Sony Pictures, Netflix will get exclusive rights for Cobra Kai Season 3 along with non-exclusive rights for the first two seasons. Netflix competed with Hulu when the news came out that Sony Pictures was looking for a new streaming service for Kobra Kai Season 3. The leading contenders were shortlisted to Netflix and Hulu, but Netflix has a global reach, massive subscriber base, and passion for the material. Hence the deal was signed, and now Netflix is the new home for Cobra Kai Season 3 and more seasons to come. 

Cobra Kai Season 3

Why Did YouTube Cancel The Show?

After releasing the second season of the show, YouTube renewed Cobra Kai season 3 in April 2019. However, since sometimes, YouTube has been changing a lot of things. While they were committed to release the third season, the streaming platform notified Sony TV partners that they wouldn’t be able to renew Cobra Kai for a fourth installment. To secure the show’s future beyond the third season, Sony started shopping for an outlet that could order additional episodes of the series. 

Cobra Kai Season 3

After the news came out, many streaming giants were keenly interested in the show. One of the main reasons, along with the popularity, was the shortage of such a high end scripted program looking for a streaming outlet in such time when almost all Hollywood productions have paused. A finished season of the show with such a built-in audience could be a gem in this situation. 

Creators Sharing Their Excitement 

The creators of the show- Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg, reveal their excitement about moving to Netflix. In a statement, they stated that creating Cobra Kai was their dream coming true. They are thankful for everybody’s tireless dedication, including Jeff Frost, Jason Clodfelter, Chris Parnell, Karen Tatevosian. In the same statement, they thanked all other partners at Sony for finding them a new home. Now, they can continue the series and also explore new opportunities from The Karate Kid universe. 

Cobra Kai Season 3

The trio revealed that they are beyond excited and looking forward to joining their new partners at Netflix. They are even excited about reaching the massive audience who love the franchise. 

Jeff Frost, the President at Sony Pictures Television, said that they are proud of Cobra Kai. They are overwhelmed by the massive response from the fans. He thanked the whole cast for the brilliant job. He also thanked all their partners at Netflix and expressed his delight that has a new home for the saga. 

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai will release on Netflix later this year, along with an all-new third season. We are really looking forward to everything the show will bring to the table. You stay tuned with us for all the updates about the show. 

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