June 15, 2024
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Sherlock Season 5: Happening? Cast & Creators Hinting About The Possibilities

Sherlock Season 5

It has been some time since rumors about Sherlock Season 5 started making rounds. Everybody around the globe has been asking for more. Sherlock has won millions of followers ever since the show released. Now, after four seasons and one special, the show is still in the viewers’ hearts. It is, in fact, one of the best spy thrillers. 


The British crime series- Sherlock is a spin-off detective story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The show first released in 2010. Between four seasons from 2010-2017, the show has had run time of 13 episodes. Now that Sherlock Season 5 could be coming, here are all the details

Creators Hinting About Sherlock Season 5

In an interview a while ago, Gatiss revealed that they have a scope to continue the show. However, they don’t know when it could come back. In another interview, Moffat hinted at the same sentiment. He said that they never said goodbye to Sherlock. So, they will see what they can do. 

Sherlock Holmes Season 5

Why Is The Show Delayed?

Sherlock Season 5 is quite dependent on cast and crew’s schedule. Both the cast and the writers of the show are busy with many other projects. Benedict Cumberbatch has a plate full of Marvel universe, along with Patrick Melrose and many others. Martin Freeman is also keeping busy with some other projects. So, it could be some time before Sherlock Season 5 returns. 

Sherlock Season 5: The Cast

With all the hints the creators and cast have been dropping, we know that the whole original cast would be coming back. Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise the role of Sherlock when the show returns. Martin Freeman would also come back as Dr. Watson. Louise Brealey, who played Molly Hooper had discussed earlier that she would like to revisit her character. She even revealed that she and Un, who plays Mrs. Hudson discussed it and concluded that they would love to do their characters all over again. So, if a fifth season happens, we can expect the whole original cast to come back. Along with that, we can also expect some new faces to get on board.  

Sherlock Holmes Season 5

Freeman Reveals They Have Discussed The Show

In an interview, Freeman revealed that if they find a great pitch, they will sign up for the show. However, they are looking for something exceptional. If they find something exciting, they are all open to it. They wouldn’t come back with something quite good. Sherlock isn’t the kind of show. 

He revealed that they had some discussions. All of them, Mark, Steven, the writers and Benedict and Freeman himself. He says that if their schedules match and they come up with something good, Sherlock is happening. 

Writer Tom Bidwell Hints What Could Be Coming Up

Writer Bidwell talks about things they can pursue in Sherlock Season 5. He stated that in Sherlock Holmes’s books, a group of street kids is mentioned. They were the kids who used to help him find clues. So, they could pursue an arc where maybe Sherlock was a drug addict? And the kids were the ones who solved the cases? 

Sherlock Holmes Season 5

Bidwell also stated that Sherlock is his dream project. He has been pitching the idea for the past ten years. He even revealed that Netflix is quite supportive of their vision and are allowing them to be very ambitious with how they want to tell their stories. 

Renewal & Release Date Status

The network has not yet officially renewed the show. However, with all the hints that cast & crew are dropping, we can expect the show to return sooner or later. The latest installment released in 2017. It has been a long time, so fans are hoping the show comes back sooner. 

We don’t know when the show would come back. Looking at the demand, maybe the creators would renew the show by the end of the year. Let’s be hopeful and expect that Sherlock Season 5 could hit our screens by the end of 2022 or maybe early 2023. 

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