Absentia Season 3

Absentia Season 3: Trailer Out! Not So Simple For Emily, Release Date & All The Latest Details!

Amazon finally released the most-awaited trailer of Absentia Season 3 along with its release date. It’s already been a year since the end of the second season, and the fans were getting desperate to get any updates on the third season. Now, the creators finally treated them with what they wanted. The show got a mixed response from the critics, but it managed to impress the audience. 

Absentia is a thriller drama TV series. The show made its debut on September 25, 2017, on AXN, and returned with its second season in March 2019. On July 2, 2019, the show got renewal for its third installment, which will premiere on Amazon. All the ten episodes of the third season will release in a single day instead of its old weekly schedule. 

Absentia Season 3
Amazon Prime Video

Official Trailer For The Third Season!

The official trailer of the third season is finally here, and the series is enlisted as an Amazon original. The trailer is really intense and gives you a good look at what is on the way for its fans. By the look of the promo, it is safe to say that Absentia Season 3 will come with a lot of thrilling and action-packed sequences. In the trailer, the fans can read, “This time it’s personal, fear no one and fight back.” This line is enough to highlight the theme of the forthcoming season. 

Absentia Season 3: Plot Details!

At the beginning of the third season, the suspension of Emily Bryne will end. This means the fans will finally see her rejoining the FBI and working on the latest case. And this case won’t be so simple. It will be a life-threatening case for her family. Her ex-husband will also be involved in this. Now it will be interesting to see how they will put their differences aside and work together. Amazon also revealed the official synopsis of Absentia Season 3. It reads,

“After the climactic events of the second season, Emily Byrne is laboring out the final days of her FBI suspension while struggling to be the best mother to Flynn. Everything is upended when a global criminal case hits too close to home, frightening the family she is so earnestly trying to hold together. Emily and her ex-husband, Special Agent Nick Durand, can’t help but interpose, and Nick’s life is in danger.

Absentia Season 3 Plot
Amazon Prime Video

Emily must run against time to save Nick, but in the process comes to understand there’s a gigantic plot brewing. Emily’s request for the FBI to go after Nick is met with opposition. Taking stuff into her own hands, she puts a dangerous plan into action – bringing her face-to-face with the only man who can guide her to Nick, Colin Dawkins.”

Absentia Season 3: Release Date

Just a few more days, and fans will finally stream their favorite thriller. They should better prepare themselves because the upcoming season will excite them on another level. Absentia Season 3 will hit Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 17, 2020. Stay tuned for more updates regarding season 3.


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