June 13, 2024
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Big Mouth Season 4: Jenny Slate Leaves For Good, Kristen Bell Will Return As Another Character, Release Date

Big Mouth Season 4

We will soon see the arrival of Big Mouth Season 4 on the web. Netflix has renewed Big Mouth for another three-season, that is up to the sixth installment. Fans will see more of the famous animated series. With increasing popularity, Big Mouth got an early renewal for further seasons. We have gathered some interesting news for you, know below.


Big Mouth is an animated sitcom created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The show is based on Kroll and Goldberg’s upbringing in suburban New York. However, we see Kroll voicing his own fictional younger self. The show came up in the year 2017 and became a buzz ever since.

Big Mouth follows a group of 7th graders. There are best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman navigating through their puberty struggles, like masturbation, sexual arousal, and many more, whereas Maurice is an over-sexualized master. Throughout the series, the kids interact with persons and objects, offering helpful yet confusing advice. This scenario also includes the ghost of Duke Ellington, and the French-accented Statue of Liberty, a pillow who gets pregnant and many such absurd things. Therefore the further season might include more of such fun as well.

Big Mouth Season 4
Big Mouth

Jenny Slate Leaving The Show

Jenny Slate has announced that she is existing the show to give room to the person of the same color of the character. She posted a lengthy post on Instagram, elaborating her anti-racist action. She says that she was “engaging in the act of erasure of Black people in past seasons.” This action will now be equalized by leaving the show so that someone from the same color can represent herself. Jenny played the role because Missy’s mom was Jewish and white the same as that of hers. But sidelining Missy, who is black and should be played by someone like her. Therefore making a statement of color, Jenny leaves the floor in peace.


Kristen Bell is an extraordinary actress who was with the cast from the first day of the show. Moving forward, Bell also moved down from playing the character of Molly, who is Black. However, she will continue to be part of the show with a new role. But, a new cast member will now play the role of Molly. This is the time to acknowledge the act of complicity, and everyone plays their equal part. This will, therefore, be the better learning and growing part of equality.


Expected Plot For Big Mouth Season 4

Big Mouth Season 4 will continue to the ending of season 3. The story might revolve around the judgments along the character Andrews. Although he squished himself with a flag pole, he might come back in this season. Moreover, we will see more of Mellisa and her bothersome thoughts. However, the friendship between Nick and Andrew may come to an end in this season. We will further see more of twists and turns.

Big Mouth Season 4

Big Mouth Season 4: Release Date

Netflix has made the early renewal of the show. But, there hasn’t been any official announcement of the release date. We can expect Big Mouth Season 4 to premiere in the third quarter this year. Till then, be in the link. We will always be updating you in this space.

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