April 12, 2024
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Harrow Season 3: Delayed? Plot Details & Release Date

Harrow Season 3

It’s been more than a year since the release of the medical drama, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for Harrow Season 3. Ioan Gruffudd led this blend of mystery thriller and medical drama and made it one of the best shows in this genre. The show received a great response from the viewers as well as the critics upon its releases. Just keep reading to unveil all the latest details about the third installment of the show.


Harrow is an Australian drama series created and produced by Leigh McGrath. The show made its debut on March 9, 2018, on ABC. And it also became the first international drama for ABC Studios International owned by Disney. The following season premiered in May 2019. After looking at the positive response, ABC further renewed it for the third season in October 2019, which is due to release. 

Harrow Season 3 Release Date

Production Status Of The Third Season!

The cast and crew of the series started the production of the third season just one month after getting the renewal for it. They were spotted filming in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. However, the production shutdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic halted it midw ay. It has been reported that Ioan Gruffudd is currently in LA with his family. And he will soon depart for Queensland to resume the filming of Harrow Season 3. Most of the third season is already being filmed. Therefore it won’t take much time to wrap the schedule once the production starts again. 

Harrow Season 3

Harrow Season 3: Plot Details!

The second season of the show concluded with a massive cliffhanger. A young man who claimed himself to be the son of Daniel Harrow was found dead. However, it is still unknown whether the boy was really a son of him or not. The creators already released the synopsis of Harrow Season 3. It reads, “While they endeavor to find the fact in different cases, Harrow will also be forced to unravel the mystery around his son’s death and will be found tangled up in a world-threatening criminal. When the families of Harrow is threatened, he will meet an impossible choice. Until where will go to Harrow to save those he loves?

ABC’s head of drama, Sally Riley, also shared her excitement regarding the upcoming season. In her recent interview, she said, “After last season’s breathtaking cliffhanger, we’re thrilled to be bringing Harrow back for the following season. The marvelous cast, compelling cases, and stunning Queensland areas have proven a hit with our show and view audiences, and we can’t wait to continue the adventure.” 

Harrow Season 3 Plot

Harrow Season 3: Release Date

The creators’ original plans were to release the third season in this very year. However, the halt in production seems to delay it. If the cast and crew of the show successfully resume the filming in the upcoming weeks, the fans can expect to see Harrow Season 3 by the end of this year or early 2021. 

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