April 22, 2024
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The Gifted Season 3: Renewed? Creator Talks About His Plan For The Installment

The Gifted Season 3

Created by Matt Nix, The Gifted is a superhero TV series of Fox. Two seasons of The Gifted are out. Fans are desperately looking forward to The Gifted Season 3. The show is based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men. Set in the backdrop of an alternate timeline, this show features an X-Men world where all the X-Men have disappeared. The show first released in 2017 and received great reviews. 


The Gifted follows a suburban couple, played by Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker, who is leading a normal life when a revelation hits them. Their work changes when they discover that their children have mutant powers. The family is on the run from the antagonistic government. To save their lives, they join an underground network of mutants. Now, the family will have to fight to survive. A lot has to come in The Gifted Season 3. Here are all the details about it- 

Creator Nix Reveals His Plans For The Gifted Season 3: 

There are several things The Gifted Season 3 could pursue. By the end of the second season, viewers saw Blink’s portrayal of an apocalyptic world on the other side. She invited all the mutants with her. The creator- Nix, says that he has ideas for The Gifted Season 3. He reveals the show will adapt from the Days of Future Past.

The Gifted Season 3

In an interview with TVLine, creator Matt Nix has spoken about what could be coming on the show. He revealed that he really wants to explore a world where humans and the mutants are living separately, and even through mutants have the same side theory, how will they control themselves? Nix says he would love to see how a community of all mutants where people have different powers and agenda would work. 

The Gifted Season 3

Nix says that the second season of the show sees these different parts debating about how they will deal with the humans. In The Gifted Season 3, he wants to explore the mutants as they take positions and learn how to deal with everything. Nix reveals that he also wants to take on the moral aspect. The mutants have special powers, so, do they owe it to society and other people or just use the power for themselves? 

The Gifted Season 3

The first season introduced viewers with the conflict between Sentinel Services and Mutant Underground. The second season widened the field by concentrating on Inner Circle’s effort to create an all mutant homeland. After Inner Circle’s defeat, the heroes started planning to build a new Mutant Underground. However, then Blink’s portal introduces either a dark future or maybe a darker alternate reality. 

Why Did Fox Cancel The Show? Could It Be Renewed? 

After two highly-rated seasons, Fox has canceled The Gifted season 3. Critics very well received the show. The show bagged 74% and 85% Rotten Tomatoes for the first and second seasons, respectively. However, Fox revealed that the show was a soft performer in terms of linear ratings. The second season could only engage 1.1 average adults in the 18-49 age group. It had around 2.0 million viewers, which was low when compared to the first season, which had 3.3 million viewers.

The Gifted Season 3

Coming to revival, yes, there are fair chances for The Gifted Season 3 to find a new home. The production company for The Gifted is Marvel Television, which now has a series on Disney’s Freeform and Hulu. Now that Fox does not have ownership of the series, it is in Disney’s hands to either revive the show or not. Being optimistic, we can hope Disney would renew The Gifted Season 3 sooner or later. We will keep you updated about all the latest news regarding the show. So, you stay tuned. 

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