April 24, 2024
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Manifest Season 3: New Season Cleared To Take-Off! Plot Details & Release Date

Manifest Season 3

The fans should brace themselves as more mysteries regarding the passengers of Flight 828 will unveil in Manifest Season 3. The finale of the second season stunned every single viewer of the show and left them with a lot of unanswered questions. Since the release of the final episode, the fans were waiting to get more updates on the series. 


Manifest is an American supernatural drama TV series. Jeff Rake created the show for NBC. It made its debut on September 24, 2018. After the successful inaugural season, NBC renewed it for the second season, which became an enormous hit. It averaged 7.7 million viewers in total, which is a lot high than the debut season. The second season caught the attention of the critics as well. They also praised it for its intrigue and gripping storyline.

Manifest Season 3

Renewal Status For The Third Season!

NBC released a new promo announcing the renewal of the third season. The second season concluded with a massive cliffhanger. Therefore the fans were worried when the show didn’t get an instant renewal. However, in June 2020, the creators gave them some relief by officially renewing it. Now, the fans will finally get the answers to their questions in the next season. It is still unknown when the cast and crew will start its production. 

Manifest Season 3: Plot Details!

It is certain that the viewers will be seeing more passengers from flight 828, and their presence will solve some mysteries and create others as well. In the finale of the second season, Saanvi’s story took a shocking turn when she killed Major. And it also revealed that a big piece of flight 828 is lying beneath the ocean. One of the series stars Josh Dallas, who portrays Ben Stone, already gave a hint about what is waiting for the fans. In his recent interview, he said, “It’s going to draw up a clear view about these callings and how we will use them, and I assume it’s also going to ask more questions, which is what we want! If we had all the revelations and had pleasant days every day, why would we watch?”

Show creator, Jeff Rake, also teased about the story of the third season. According to him, the meth-head trio will play a major role in Manifest Season 3. How these three individuals will return and how they deal with everything will be more important than anything that has happened since the debut episode. In an interview, he talked about some other characters as well. He said, “Michaela and others will have essential reasons to interact with a lot of them. We’re going to find her friends, but we’re also going to discover her enemies, and that’s going to ramp up the stakes as we walk into season three and beyond.”

Manifest Season 3 Plot

Manifest Season 3: Release Date

The production shutdown caused by the Coronavirus delayed the filming of the shows worldwide. And it will likely affect the release of Manifest Season 3 too. Season 3 is currently scheduled to release in June 2021, provided that the production will start soon.

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