April 25, 2024
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Say I Do Season 2: Renewed? Challenging Weddings Ahead, More Details To Know

Say I Do Season 2

There may not be a trip down the aisle this pandemic, but Netflix has brought the celebration to the eye. Say I Do Season 2 will soon be up with a set of couples celebrating their weddings. Queer Eye’s David Collins has brought another set of interesting series for their fans. We have brought some of the exciting information of the upcoming season, know below.


Say I Do is a 2020 reality TV show. The premise of the series revolves around eight couples who are on their way of a surprise dream wedding by experts. Couple overcome the different types of obstacles and finally make things happen at the end. Everyone has the fantasy of marrying in some particular way; the show makes that happen in the real world. The experts and hosts are interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini. The trio works together to help the couple whip up a perfect wedding ceremony. The show has just premiered this July. So, go ahead and have a watch of it as it is full of celebration and happiness. Also, there may be the chances of another one being on its way.

Say I Do Season 2

Say I Do Season 2: Renewed?

The first season of the show has just been up on the floor. But, it will surely be renewed for the second season. David Collins created the show, who is also the mastermind behind his famous show ‘Queer Eye.’ His reality shows are among the one which will fill your eyes with tears. Say I Do Season 2 will be renewed from the side of Netflix. However, it might take several months. The creators are excited to start filming another season. Moreover, the upcoming season might bring twists and turns because of the ongoing pandemic. It will also be fun seeing how they will cope with the situation and make another season happen.

Say I Do Season 2

Up For challenges!

Thai Nguyen, Jeremiah Brant, and Gabriele Bertaccini help couples plan their dream wedding, and now they are up to accepting the new challenge. Doing the filming part of another season will be a great deal. Nguyen calls his co-host his ‘brothers’ and says that they are up for facing challenges of the second season of Say I Do. He further says, ‘When it’s ready, we’ll do it. This job is a dream for me. I would be thrilled to do ten more seasons.’ This will remain romantic but differently in the upcoming season. There will still be a lot of fun and emotions involved in Say I Do Season 2.

Say I Do Season 2: Release Date

It’s difficult to say anything about the future of the series. However, the show will surely face some delay in the meantime. The series is about the wedding and was filmed across the country, but the same might not happen this time. Moreover, the entertainment industry is finding some creative workarounds, like putting the cast under quarantine before resuming the production work. The same might happen for Say I Do Season 2 as well. Let’s hope for the best. We will always be informing you of all the updates.

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