May 19, 2024

Cannon Busters Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Netflix Release Date & More!

Cannon Busters Season 2

Author and series creator LeSean Thomas had to go through a lot to release the first season of Cannon Busters. Now that millions of fans are praising the anime, the director won’t let this project die. Netflix is yet to greenlight Cannon Busters 2. However, chances for its renewal are touching the roof. When will the sequel arrive? What’s taking so long? Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Cannon Busters originated as a short-lived fantasy comic book series back in 2005. Author LeSean Thomas was quite passionate about his story, yet, the series couldn’t continue more than three releases. He had already shown interest in creating an anime adaptation of the comic. However, the project didn’t go on the floor for more than a decade. By then, fans had already given up hope upon the franchise.

Cannon Busters Season 2

In 2014, Thomas surprised Cannon Busters fans by opening up a crowdfunding drive-though for an anime adaptation. Producers of the show finally released a pilot episode in mid-2016. However, the ONA took over three years to hit the Netflix screens. It was initially planned to premiere in March 2019, but due to an unknown error, the date was shifted to August 15, 2019. The 12-episode debut installment turned out to be much more successful than expected by any of us.

Cannon Busters Season 2: Netflix Renewal!

After all the effort that went into the production of the first season, dedicated creator LeSean Thomas would not drop Cannon Busters Season 2. The executive producer of the Netflix anime has been vocal about his ideas for the show. He’s worked hard on its production and has plans for its future too.

It’s likely that Thomas already had intentions of creating a sequel to this masterpiece. He left us hanging on a cliffhanger, and now fans can’t stop thinking about what’ll happen next. On the other hand, in the last few years, Netflix is putting much effort into catering to anime lovers. The streaming giant has produced several original anime and has taken the rights to some of the most popular entries in the genre.

Cannon Busters Season 2

Hence, considering that Season 1 of the anime was immensely successful for the streamer, it won’t lose its chance to create a sequel. The renewal of Cannon Busters Season 2 is good business that Netflix is likely to be interested in. Even though it hasn’t been renewed, there’s still hope for the ONA’s return. We will update this section as soon as the official announcement arrives.

What Will Happen In The New Season?

Set in the land of Gearbolt, the fantasy anime explores the journey of an unusual group of travelers as they go on a mission to reunite two best friends. Towards the end of the first season, S.A.M and the gang failed to rescue Kelby from the hands of his kidnappers. As Kelby takes the way to Mystic Emperor, more and more enemies stand in front of S.A.M and Kelby’s reunion.

In the last moments, high-tech friendship robot S.A.M discovers that she is a Cannon Busters too. Hence, we’ll get to watch more of her Cannon Busters form in the new season. On the other hand, now that Philly has no car to traverse Gearbolt, the journey could get more complicated. However, this suggests that Bessie could be put back together in the upcoming installment.

Cannon Busters Season 2

Cannon Busters Season 2: Release Date

As compared to other animated shows on Netflix, Cannon Busters Season 2 might take longer to be back at the screens again. The anime is a mix of Japanese and black American style animation. Hence, the sequel might take as long as the first installment did (around two to three years). As per the current circumstances, the streamer may not begin the productions this year. If they start by next year, Season 2 may not premiere anytime sooner than 2022. Keep an eye on this section for all future updates.

Do you want another season of anime? What are your expectations from Cannon Busters Season 2? Tell us in the comments below.

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