April 14, 2024
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Warrior Nun Season 2: Renewed Or Not? Release Date, Plot Details & More

Warrior Nun Season 2

Netflix’s new superhero fantasy drama, Warrior Nun, is out now. The show has proved to be a thrill ride through and through. Fans have loved it. Now, everyone is looking forward to Warrior Nun Season 2. The series released only about a week ago and has become an instant hit among the fans. 


Based on a manga with the same name, the show follows Ava, a teenage girl who comes back to life because of the angel’s halo. Avan is now the new Halo-Bearer and now has to take her role as the next Warrior Nun. The Warrior Nun is a super-powered hero who is devoted and is now fighting back demons and the evilness. The end of the season left Ava in a cliffhanger. Will Warrior Nun Season 2 come? What will happen? Here are the details! 

What’s The Renewal Status?

The first season of the show released only a few days ago. While everyone is waiting for an official renewal announcement. However, Whats-On-Netflix reveals that they have the news under good authority that Netflix has given the green light for Warrior Nun Season 2. Early renewals have become quite difficult at the streaming giant- Netflix, but with Warrior Nun, it looks like the streaming service has a lot of faith in their originals. 

Warrior Nun Season 2

The series is directly in competition with the show Unsolved Mysteries for the TV series that have gained a spot in multiple regions. Until now, Warrior Nun is topping the spots in New Zealand, Brazil, and the Netherlands. In the USA, India, and the UK, the show has gained the second spot in top lists. We can expect Netflix to announce the show officially in the coming week. 

Warrior Nun Season 2: What Could Come Next?

By the end of the first season of the series, viewers came to know that the Order of the Cruciform Swords’ whole purpose had come to its head. Angel Adriel, who brought in the halo to the team, wasn’t an angel but a devil who had stolen the halo. He was the one who hid the artifact in the original Warrior Nun and created the Order to fight and protect himself from the wrath of Heaven. 

Warrior Nun Season 2

Adriel might got trapped inside a tomb in Vatican City. However, he successfully broke off by the end. He also made an army of wraith demons. By the end of the first season, Shotgun Mary was overwhelmed by the number of people who were possessed as the nuns went on a face-off with Adriel and his army. 

Warrior Nun Season 2

The way the first season ended set up a new fight for Ava that could be a part of Warrior Nun Season 2. She will have to protect the halo from getting back to Adriel. The first season also opens up a whole lot of new mysteries that Ava will have to solve. In the second season of the series, fans can expect to witness the Order of the Xurciform Sword’s original purpose. 

When Will The Show Release?

Warrior Nun has a lot of VFX work. So, fans will have to wait for longer than they thought. Another contributing factor to this delay is the ongoing pandemic that has delayed all the productions. While we are hoping that the industry would soon get back into productions, it will still be some time before we get Warrior Nun Season 2. The first season of the show took around five months to film, so the second season would take the same. So, if Netflix successfully commences production in 2020, we might get Warrior Nun Season two in the second half of 2021. 

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