April 24, 2024
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Magic For Humans Season 4: Renewed? Everything That Is Coming Up!

Magic For Humans Season 4

Magic For Humans Season 4: Back in 2018, Justin Willman and Netflix came up with an amazing reality show called- Magic For Humans. The show sees magician and comedian Justin Willman doing magic tricks for people on the streets of Los Angeles. Willman claims that none of his tricks are either aided or edited. With the amazing and entertaining tricks, Willman has been able to win over the audience. Three seasons of the perfect binge-series are out. Now fans have started wondering about the next batch of episodes, that is, Magic For Humans Season 4. Here is everything we know about Magic For Humans Season 4- 


Magic For Humans Season 4: Renewed?

As of this moment, Magic For Humans Season 4 is due for renewal. Netflix hasn’t yet greenlit the show. However, fans don’t have to lose hope because we feel it is just a matter of some time before Netflix renews the show for the fourth inning. The third season of the show released in mid-May and the time gap in which Netflix renewed the third season after the second season was about a month and a half. That much time hasn’t happened yet after the release of the third season. But after the time, we are pretty sure that Netflix would analyze all its viewership figures and renew the show for Magic For Humans Season 4.

Magic For Humans Season 4

We are confident that the viewership figures will be even better than that of the second season because people have watched the series in this quarantine period. The show Magic For Humans is an easy-breezy show that has proved to be very interesting to watch. The third season of the show has received much attention online. Plus, the show isn’t very expensive to produce for Netflix, so renewing it wouldn’t be a problem. 

When Will It Release?

Talking about when would Magic For Humans Season 4 would release, we’d say it is very difficult to predict that. Until now, the release schedule of the show has been quite inconsistent. The gap between seasons has varied from six months to eighteen months. With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing norms, filming the show would be 10X more difficult. After all, Justin Willman cannot go into the streets in front of strangers in Los Angeles and perform his “close-up magic.” So, that makes the production even more difficult.

With that said, we can tell you that Magic For Humans Season 4 wouldn’t release in 2020. We can expect the show to release sometime in either late 2021 or maybe in early 2022. Just in case Willman makes other plans that he would tour his live audience first, things will only delay. 

What Could Come Up In The Next Season?

For fans who are now stressed about the long wait between the seasons, we assure you that this wait will be worth it. This long wait will give Justin Willman to do new tricks. This will give his content some freshness. Over time, he has been able to be more absurd, ambitious, and impressive with his tricks. These exciting tricks will, for sure, be a part of Season 4.

The show wouldn’t get to the point where Willman would put his life on risk, but we can hope that more performances that would give Willman time to showcase his tricks and be a proper showman in front of his audience. Fans can look forward to more tricks and amazingness that Willman would bring in with him. In the meantime, if you really are missing the tricks, you can go and visit Justin Willman’s Instagram page for a few tricks. 

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