May 29, 2024
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The Last Kingdom Season 5: Renewed! Know The Upcoming Plot, Cast, And Release Date

The Last Kingdom Season 5

Continuing the story of noble warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburn, The Last Kingdom will return with its fifth installment. It’s time to celebrate arselings, as Netflix has made the official announcement. Also, the cast posted the video on media, roaring loud about the good news. Get ready for more of Saxon Stories in The Last Kingdom Season 5.


The Last Kingdom is a historical fiction TV series. The show is based on Bernard Cronwell’s series of novels of the same name. The Last Kingdom premiered its first season of eight episodes on October 10, 2015. Ever since the release, the series has always been viewers’ one of the favorites. The story more or less revolves around the protagonist Uhtred. He was re-baptized after Danes kill his elder brother.

Further, Uhtres and a Saxon girl named Brida were taken as slaves by Earl Ragnar. That became their adopted home. Ever since being adopted, there was a series of the situation which was not in favor of them. Uhtred’s adopted father gets killed, and he is further looking for revenge. However, Uhtred has always been tested for his loyalties. He was also made to choose between his ancestors’ kingdom and the people who have raised him. We will see what happens to Uhtred and his belongings in The Last Kingdom Season 5.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Renewed!

In this time of Pandemic, some shows are struggling while others are busy announcing big news. The team of The Last Kingdom is doing the later part. The cast appeared in a video to celebrate the news of the renewal. With such a tremendous response for last season, casts will continue to entertain their audiences. Indeed, Uhtred will follow the show to the next installment.

Martha Hillier Returns To Write

Martha Hillier will be returning to write the fifth installment of the show. Meanwhile, Gareth Neame, Nigel Marchant, and Jessica Pope will be serving as the executive producers. The Last Kingdom was originally a BBC series. Then, Netflix boarded as the co-producer and became the sole producer and distributor since the third season.

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Thriller Depends On Saxon Accounts

The thrill of the upcoming season of The Last Kingdom depends on the Saxon accounts of Bernard Cronwell. The fourth season of the spine-chiller show ended in a suffocating progression of exercises. Moreover, the war among Saxon and Dane was a complete scene of battle. In the previous season, we also saw Uhtred recovering his inherited predominance. He didn’t take well the vanishing of a dear partner. The story may bring Uhtred’s retaliation for his disrespect protecting his character.

The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date

The previous season of the show just went up in April this year. For now, we have only received the renewal news of The Last Kingdom Season 5. However, there isn’t any news regarding the release of the season. It seems that the upcoming season will premiere around 2021. Till then, we will be updating you with all the recent information.

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