May 24, 2024
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Can Gotham Season 6 Be Revived? Here Are All The Possibilities!

Gotham Season 6

It has almost been a year since we last saw Bruce Wayne in Gotham. Ever since then, fans had been looking forward to Gotham Season 6. Will there be more of the show? Gotham first premiered in 2014; the show has been one of the highest-rated dramas on FOX. While the live viewership of the show has fallen, it has made a loyal fanbase. FOX officially announced that the fifth season of Gotham would be the last season of the series in 2018. Gotham season 5 ended with 12 episodes, ten episodes less than what we saw in all other seasons. Now that the show is over, fans were hoping that FOX would revise its decision and bring back the show for Gotham Season 6. However, we do think it is very unlikely. Here is why we think that- 


Is Gotham Season 6 Possible?

The latest season of the Gotham series, the fifth season, played out the No Man’s Land story. It featured Jim Gordon’s evolution into the mustachioed lawman that many fans have seen in many DC comics. Bruce Wayne became the Batman- the hero who protected Gotham. In the fifth season, fans got to see Gotham after a time jump, and that fulfilled the goal. So, there isn’t any more story left to cover for the series. The fifth season acted as the bookend of Gotham’s story, with no open end for Gotham Season 6. However, actor Donal Logue hinted a possible revival at some point; it doesn’t seem really possible, especially since Warner Bros don’t have the right to use names, Batman or Joker. 

Gotham Season 6

The Series Wasn’t Jim Gordon’s Story Afterall 

While the fifth season introduced the fully-formed Batman by the end, many fans had started wishing to see Batman and his adventures in Gotham Season 6. This idea does seem very nice, but everyone is well aware that Gotham wasn’t a Batman-focused series. Bruce Wayne played a significant role indeed, but Gotham was always Jim Gordon’s story. So, we can see some entirely new series for Batman, but Gotham has ended with Gordon’s story. 

Gotham Season 6

Creators Did Not Plan Gotham Season 6

After the news that Gotham could be revived later on with Gotham Season 6, reports reveal that there is very little chance that Gotham Season 6 would ever come. The fifth season of the show was designed to be the last season of the series, and creators have not spoken anything about the sixth season. There are speculations about any follow-up or spinoffs. In an interview, when Bruno Heller- creator of the series was asked if they would be combining Pennyworth and Gotham later on, he said that they are not planning anything like that. 

Gotham Season 6

What Other Batman Media Is Coming Up?

While Gotham is over, fans don’t have to be sad about saying goodbye to Batman. Bruce Wayne came for a brief appearance in the movie Joker. Now, Batman will be next seen in the 2021 movie- The Batman. Bruce Wayne is also a part of the DC Universe series- Titans. He will also be seen in the DC Universe’s adult animated series based on Harley Quinn. If anything changes, we will keep you posted. Tell us how excited you are to see Batman again on screen in the comments below? 

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