May 23, 2024
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American Soul Season 2 Episode 8: Season Finale! Fate Of The Series & Release Date

American Soul Season 2 Episode 8

The title of American Soul Season 2 Episode 8 is “So Long, Sucker.” It is ringing some bells, right? We also felt the same way after hearing it. It only feels like the second season began just a few weeks ago, and the finale is already here. It consists of only eight episodes, two less than its inaugural season. Many fans complained about it too. But in the end, they will surely forget about the number of episodes because they enjoyed every bit of this season. And the intense season finale is yet to air. According to BET, the final episode of the second season will be a treat for the viewers, and it will justice all the storylines they’ve shown so far. 

American Soul Season 2 Episode 8

American Soul Season 2 Episode 8: What Will Happen?

The moment that the fans have been waiting for finally arrives. If you think the main characters will battle for only one thing in the season finale, you will probably be wrong because it will be too simple for this show. Don Cornelius will continue Soul Train while expanding his business at the same time. And with all these in a picture, he will also be deal ing with a major health concern. Throughout the entire season, the creators displayed a great blend of history and music. And the fans can expect to see it in the last episode as well. 

BET also released the official synopsis for Episode 8. It reads, “As Don conflicts with his raging migraines, he seems to secure a new talk show with the network; after enduring their near-death experience, Simone and JT search for their own freedom and win over Aiya’s foster parents.” Some fans already know the original story of the Soul Train. However, it is still fun to watch it as a series, especially when all things are right on the spot. 

American Soul Season 2 Finale

Will There Be American Soul Season 3?

BET is yet to announce the renewal of the series. However, after looking at the response and critical reviews, the show is getting, it is likely that there will be a third season. This scene will get more clear after the second season’s finale. If BET concluded the season with any cliffhanger, then there will undoubtedly be American Soul Season 3. 

American Soul Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date

The viewers should better be ready because it’s finale time. The fans are really excited about the last episode and also have a lot of expectations with it. American Soul Season 2 Episode 8 will air on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, on BET.  

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