June 18, 2024
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The Grand Tour Season 5: Creators Hint Show’s Status! Release Date & More

The Grand Tour Season 5

All you car freaks put in your fifth gear, The Grand Tour Season 5 is coming. Amazon Prime’s motoring television series first released in November 2016. Four seasons of the show are out, and while everybody is waiting for the fifth season, not many details about it are out. Recently creators have given an update. Here is about it and all other details on the what could be coming up- 


Grand Tour Season 5: Creator’s Update

Recently Jeremy posted a picture of him along with the other The Grand Tour co-hosts. The whole gang was maintaining social distancing in the image. Jeremy captioned the picture revealing that They had an important day at work and have started planning the next adventure. 

The Grand Tour Season 5

The DriveTribe that is partially run by this trio commented- Boys are Back. Fans are over the moon after this update. While one fan commented that he could not wait for more of the show, another fan asked when it would be coming. Another one asked if they were still doing Russia. 

Renewed? When Will It Release?

The Grand Tour Season 5 is renewed, but the show does not have an official release date as of this moment. All viewers of the show are quite happy about it. The creator of the show, Andy Wilman, took on to Instagram to confirm that The Grand Tour Season 5 is coming. 

On being asked when the show would release, creator, says that they have completed The Grand Tour Season 5 and given it to amazon. So, fans should ask Amazon when they would release the show. It is up to them. 

Will This Be The Last Season?

Fortunately not. Amazon has renewed a Grand tour for two more years. That means the show will be coming in for season 5 as well as season 6. Andy Willman made this announcement last year in July. Even when the show has been renewed for two seasons, fans think that the show is too interesting to be discontinued even after the sixth season. 

The Grand Tour Season 5

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected the productions of the show. The whole entertainment industry went to pause in March 2020 amid the lockdown. Thus it is some time before we will get the show. 

Grand Tour Season 5: Who Will Return?

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond play the presenter role. Grand Tour also features Mike Skinner and Abbie Eaton. They are expected to come back along with everyone else. However, Mike’s return is not confirmed as some have been speculating that he would quit the show. But this does seem like an injustice for all the viewers. May’s presence makes the show even better, so his leaving would also leave a void. 

The Grand Tour Season 5

The Grand Tour Season 5: What Is Coming Next?

The Grand Tour releases in almost 195 countries and territories. This brings in great viewership for the show. Ever since the show first released, it has been bagging great reviews and positive responses from critics and viewers alike. Taking in the kind of love audience is showering on the show, creators have even released a video game based on the show. The game is called- The Grand Tour Game, released in January 2019. 

The Grand Tour Season 5

Creators have kept all the details about the plot for The Grand Tour Season 5 under wraps. Hence we do not know anything about what could come up. What we know is, they will, for sure, bring in many surprises for their fans. 

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