May 20, 2024
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Crunch Time Season 2 Possible? Cast Discussing Details!

Crunch Time Season 2

Crunch Time Season 2: Created by Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson for Rooster Teeth’s website. The first season of the American science fiction comedy series- Crunch Time released in September 2016. Since then, all the show fans have been asking what the future holds for Crunch Time Season 2? Rooster Teeth, the production company, is well known for its animated series- Red Vs. Blue, which is based on the Halo franchise- RWBY and gen: LOCK. They are also behind the live-action productions like Day 5. 

Crunch Time Season 2

The show features a group of grad students who have created a machine that helps them explore other people’s dreams. While they are doing this, someone makes a black hole that might be the reason for the world coming to an end. The first season of Crunch Time starred Samm Levine, Avery Monsen, and Jessy Hodges.

The show is often called the dark sitcom version of Inception. Crunch Time was able to bag some viewership with the run of six episodes as the first season. The first season ended with a cliffhanger. Everyone is expecting that there will be a Crunch Time Season 2 that will resolve the cliffhanger the first season left us with. What is happening? Here are all that we know of the second season- 

Is The Second Season Happening?

All fans of the show have been looking forward to Crunch Time Season 2, but after the first season, the creators did not announce anything about the show’s fate. The show has neither been renewed nor canceled by the production company. It has been almost four years since the first season released, so, with time, it seems quite unlikely that the show would come back. 

With that said, star Avery Morsen tweeted a hint that he later on deleted. However, the tweet can still be seen on Reddit. The post had some shoes he wore on the show. When a fan asked him about Crunch Time Season 2, the actor confirmed that they had completed the scripting for season 2, but it doesn’t look like the show will ever happen. 

Rooster Teeth Held A Crunch Time Season 2 Table Read For Charity

A few weeks ago, In May 2020, Rooster Teeth hosted a special cast table read. It was for the first episode of Season 2. This special cast table was to raise money for charity- GiveDirectly and reunited the whole cast. Even after the table read, none of the members of the cast seem to offer a hint about their plans to move ahead with the show. One of the many reasons for that could be that much time has now passed since the first season. 

It does look like the whole cast is still in for Season 2. Whatever the reason be, either it could be the cost of production, or maybe ratings, Rooster Teeth has not spoken anything about the show. We will update this article with all the information we get about the show. You stay tuned with us and not miss any updates. Are you looking forward to Crunch Time Season 2? Tell us in the comments below. 

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