May 19, 2024
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The Rain Season 3: Trailer Out! Plot Details, Release Date & More

The Rain Season 3

Netflix recently released the trailer for The Rain Season 3. The trailer has only added to the excitement for the fans. The trailer sees a man, who controls the most deadly virus there is on the earth. He plans to infect everyone on the each so; everyone becomes like him. Will all this have a cure, or will the corporation behind this will fulfill its evil motives. 


Netflix’s Scandinavian dystopian series- The Rain is a dangerous virus that kills all people if it makes physical contact. Unfortunately, the rainfall is now affected, which means every rain-drop will be deadly to everyone. Rasmus and his sister Simone have survived this epidemic after hiding into a bunker. Since then, they have been on the run from Apollon. Apollon is the militarized corporation that is controlling whatever is left in Scandinavia. Watch the trailer here. Keep reading to know what could be coming up in the show- 

The Rain Season 3: Plot Details

The official synopsis of The Rain Season 3 reveals that the third season will pick up exactly where the second season left. By the end of the second season, Simone and Rasmus had split and were trying to save humanity in the new world. The show’s synopsis reveals that Rasmus wants to give everyone the virus that made him a superhuman. However, Simone says that there must be some cure for the problem. What would they do? Fans can expect that The Rain Season 3 would play out everyone’s fears in extreme measures. 

The Rain Season 3

By the end of the second season, Rasmus got captured. In the third season, fans might get to witness how his allies rescue him. The show would also focus on Apollon’s intentions. In the second season, Simone had tried to kill her brother, so that will be an awkward situation in the third season. Sarah had caught the infection, too, and that indeed will be a part of the third season.

The Rain Season 3

Not just that, Kira had also started working as an undercover agent at Apollon in the second season. There were many questions about what she would do in the second season. Another big mystery for the third season is the whole fallout gun and all other electromagnetic items that the fans got to see in the second season, so storylines revolving around that will be a big focus for the third season. The show will weave all the loose ends in the upcoming season. 

Will There Be More Of The Rain?

Unfortunately, but the news is a sad one. The Rain Season 3 will be the last batch of episodes for the series. The official twitter account of the show, reveals that it would be the final season of the show. Let’s just hope that the show is the best of what we have seen. The Rain Season 3 will release on August 6, 2020. We will keep updating this space with all the new information as it surfaces. So, you stay tuned and never miss an update. In the meantime, you tell us what do you think could come up on the show? 

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