April 22, 2024
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Control Z Season 2: Renewed? Plot Details, Release Date & More

Control Z Season 2

For some time now, Netflix has been following a pattern. They are bringing more teen and international shows to the table. Their series- Control Z is just the right mix of both. After the first and the fabulous season, fans have constantly been asking for Control Z Season 2. The show follows a high school based in Mexico. In the first season, fans were keen to find about the Hacker who is messing with everybody’s lives. After that, the second season will have many other things to explore. Here are all the things you need to know about the upcoming season. 


Is The Show Renewed?

This is a piece of sad news for all the Control Z fans. Netflix has not yet renewed Control Z Season 2. So, fans will not get to see the trailer anytime soon. Netflix released the trailer only a few weeks before the actual release date of the first season. So, if Netflix renews the show this year, we can all expect a trailer sometime in 2021. However, Netflix does drop short teasers about the new series, so fans will get to see what is coming up on the show once Netflix renews the show. 

Control Z Season 2

The trailer of the first season sees Sofia walking through her school- El Colegio Nacional. She introduces the main characters. The students in the show seem to be watching a presentation when their screen starts showing some private images of Isabela, who is a student there like them. Sofia and Javier take responsibility for finding out who is doing all that and making everybody’s life miserable.

Control Z Season 2: What’s Coming Up Next?

The inaugural season of Control Z concluded with giving all the answers everybody wanted from the first season. The show revealed who the school hacker was. The first season concluded with all students coming to know that Raul was behind the whole situation. He is one of the richest students from the school and the mastermind behind All Your Secrets scam. 

One of the things that fans still want to know is what happens to Raul now that his truth has been caught. Everybody wants to know what happens to the victims of the scam. These victims include- Javier, who was shot. We can expect Control Z Season 2 to explore Raul’s motives and what made him what he became. The second outing could also explore the relationship between Sofia and Javier. Fans have also been waiting to find out what happens to Maria and Pablo, who discovers that Maria is expecting a baby. 

Fans Desperate For The Second Season

Fans of the show have taken on to social media to call for the second season. One viewer said that he needs a season two now. He went on to say that he is undeniably attracted to Javier, and the last seen hurt him a lot. He would do anything for Isabela and Javier. It is funny and over the top. He loved it. Another fan says that the second season needs to be out already.

Control Z Season 2

The first season of the show consisted of eight episodes of about 40 minutes each. That was clearly not enough for many viewers of the show. One fan of the show tweeted praising Control Z. He says that the Netflix series is definitely worth a watch. He went on to say that the show has exceeded his expectations. The fan urged Netflix to order Control Z Season 2. 

If Netflix renews the show this year, we can expect Control Z Season 2 to surface sometime in the second half of 2021. We can just be hopeful at the moment. The first season of the show is streaming on Netflix now. Tune in to watch. Also, stay tuned with us for all the latest news and updates of the show. 

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