April 22, 2024
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Kissing Game Season 2: Second Wave Of Sickness, Know What Fate Will Second Season Bring

Kissing game Season 2

Netflix’s Brazilian show Kissing Game is setting up its continuation for the forthcoming season. The show upon kissing with more of twists than romance brings more interest. However, we will further see how further the spread of contagious disease will continue in the upcoming season. We have gathered all the recent information regarding Kissing game Season 2, know below.


Kissing Game is a new Brazilian TV show on Netflix, which seems quite similar to that of the current situation. The show seems fun at starting where everyone kisses everyone. At first, it seemed to be romantic, but there comes the twist. The show involves the outbreak of a mysterious disease spreading all over through Kissing.

The Brazilian title of the show is Boca a Boca, meaning “mouth to mouth.” Therefore focusing on the virus that transmits through a kiss. However, the show has a mixture of humor and quirkiness, making it is easy to digest. The main characters in the series use a ‘kissing map’ to track the disease, the same as that of Dark, where everyone ends connecting somehow. The exaggerated showcase of today’s situation with a bit of twist makes it gruesome yet interesting to watch.

Kissing game Season 2

Kissing game Season 2: Social Media Will Be Playing The Role

At the end of the previous season, we saw Manu getting sick once again. Therefore in the upcoming season, the teenager will get even more paranoid after the second wave of sickness. But, Maurilio seems not to be playing nice and might bring some kind of trouble in the upcoming season. Whatever it be, all have to stick together so as to bring things back on track. Overall, there is enough story to tell in Kissing game Season 2.

Kissing game Season 2

Some of the other characters will have to play the difficult part in the upcoming season. But, it’s not that there will not be any cure, there surely be. The genre of horror, mystery, and thriller will also be continuing in Kissing game Season 2. So, better get ready for more suspense and drama ahead.

Kissing game Season 2

Who Will Return?

The lead of Kissing game Season 2 will surely be comprised of young and talented Brazilians. However, the primary story revolves around three main characters Chico, Alex, and Fran. Moreover, we will also see more old faces, and there is the possibility of new ones. Actors like Denise Fraga, Thomas Aquino, Luana Nastas, Esther Tinman, Kevin, Grace, Bianca, and many more will return for the second part.

Kissing game Season 2

Kissing game Season 2: Release Date

Kissing game Season 1 has had all the eye-catching factor in it, and we expect the second installment to be the same. However, Season 2 will be complicated than the previous season, as Brazil has been hit hard by the real-life outbreak. The show may take some time to start the production part, putting away the cast and crews from risk. We might see Kissing game Season 2 returning in summer 2021. But whatever it be, we will always be updating you.

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