April 12, 2024
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Chief Of Staff Season 3: Renewed? What’s Happening? All The Details

Chief Of State Season 3

Chief Of Staff Season 3: For some years now, Netflix has been keenly interested in Korean dramas. They have been adding many Korean dramas to the platform. Chief of Staff is one of them. After two seasons, Chief of Staff Season 3 is one of the most anticipated shows on the platform. Fans have been waiting for a couple of months for the show. The series has bagged great popularity on Netflix. Now, with all the wait and speculations, here are all the details about it- 


Chief Of Staff Season 3: Renewal Status & Release Date

Netflix hasn’t renewed the Chief of Staff for a third outing yet. However, we can hope that the show would be renewed soon. The delay is also because of the COVID-19 that has taken over everyone and everything. Maybe that is also the reason why Netflix is delaying the renewal of the show. The second season of the show released on November 11, 2019, and concluded by December 10, 2019. We know that undoubtedly the show is bound to get delayed. 

Chief Of State Season 3

Who’s In The Cast?

We can expect all the original characters to return for the third season. Some of the actors include Kim Kap-soo as Song-Hee-seop, Jung Jin-youthful as Lee Seong-min, Jung Woong-in as Oh Won-suk, Jung Man-sik as Choi Kyung-Chul, I’m Won-hee as Go Seok-man, Park Hyo-Joo as Lee Ji-Eun, and Jo Bok-Rae as Young Jong-yeol. All other supporting casts would also come back to reprise their roles. We might also get to see new characters in the third season. 

Chief Of State Season 3

What Has Happened So Far?

Chief of Staff follows Jang Tae-Joon, a young man fresh out of the University. He was once a detective but then decides to join the National Assembly to gain more power. He has been working as the chief aid with a 4-time lawmaker. Joon is an intelligent, intuitive person. After that, Jang succeeded in securing his boss a spot as a representative. As the story progresses, Jang meets Kang Seon-Yeong, a lawmaker who is also elected through proportional representation. Both of them are ambitious, talented. They eventually get into a romantic relationship. They start dating secretly while things around them start getting intense.

Chief Of State Season 3

Chief Of Staff provides insights into the legislative operation in the government of Korea. If and when the show gets renewed for the third season, we can expect to see more drama and how things unfold for Jang. We will keep updating this space with all the information as we get them. So, you stay tuned. 

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