May 24, 2024
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Prison Break Season 6: Will It Happen? Is It Delayed? Know All The Details

Prison Break Season 6

It’s been a long since we heard anything regarding the upcoming season of Prison Break. This lockdown scenario seems to be good for every maker to start a new season. For instance, the writer has got enough peaceful time to think and write the script. The same seems to be happening with the makers of Prison Break Season 6. However, Michael Thorn has confirmed the coming of next season. Therefore, get ready to know a few of the spoilers.


Prison Break is an American action-drama TV series. Created by Paul Scheuring, the story revolves around two brothers. The show came up in the year 2005. Fox wasn’t ready for the making initially, but there was undoubtedly some change of mind later. The two brothers filmed in the show are Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, who thoroughly try to have back of each other. Burrows is accused of death and sentenced to death for the mistakes he didn’t commit. However, Scofield plans out every possible method to save him from the living hell.

Prison Break Season 6

Moreover, the show exposes their fans to the good and evil of every character. But, the figures can do everything and anything for their loved ones. We, therefore, see the extent with twists involved in it. However, there is a lot to cover in the upcoming season of Prison Break.

Prison Break Season 6

Prison Break Season 6: Is It Happening?

The answer is, yes. The confirmation of the Prison Break Season 6 was made officially by FOX in 2018. However, the season is in the process of developing. But, this scenario of coronavirus has shuffled everything. At this moment, every show has either been delayed or canceled. But, we have hope that the coming season of Prison Break will happen, as it was stuck in the middle. However, there have also been hints on social media from many sides, including Dominic Purcell.

Prison Break Season 6

For now, the entire working of the show has been delayed. But, we can expect the happening once everything gets back on the track. We have also got the news of the opening of the entertainment industry with precaution. Whatever it be, we have to wait patiently until any further news.

A Different Story

The sixth installment of Prison Break is taking more time than the usual because of the ongoing scenario. However, it is reported that the coming season will undoubtedly be different from the others. There will a proper storyline with more detailing and added twit in it. Don’t worry, old characters will certainly be back, with Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller being the lead. Michael has returned to the outer world, but there is still a lot for him in the future. He still has to cope up with the different environments. Therefore, get ready for an exciting adventure ahead.

Prison Break Season 6

Prison Break Season 6: Release Date

There hasn’t been any announcement regarding the release of Prison Break Season 6. But, one thing that is sure that the sixth installment is under construction. Working on the writing part of the story is being done. However, the show will take some time to start its filming process. We speculate Prison Break Season 6 to return somewhere in 2021. Till then, we will be updating you in this space.

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