June 16, 2024
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The Oval Season 2: Renewed! Filming Scheduled To Start; Know Recent Updates

The Oval Season 2

The Oval is the series that has survived even in this dreadful storm of COVID 19. The show will soon be on track of its filming. However, fans have started wondering about the upcoming plot of The Oval Season 2. So, the thinking time of, happening or not, is over. We will soon be getting our second installment of ‘The Oval.’ We have brought up the expected scenario and some latest updates.


The Oval is one of Tyler Perry’s latest creation. The show is a bit crazy roundabouts White House, with the story of a family in it. However, we see all the minute workings of the most iconic residence. It involves the workers and the relationship between each of the residing and working members of the House.

The show is insane in a positive way. It will make you laugh, delve you into the story, and at the same time, creates suspense. The Oval closely deals with the relationships of the workers and their family members. The show came up in October 2019. Ever since the show’s release, fans have been wondering about the return of another season. Now it seems that the time of arrival has come closer.

The Oval Season 2

The Oval Season 2: Renewed!

BET has officially renewed The Oval Season 2. The show was among the network’s highest ranking series. Therefore, the renewal didn’t come as a big surprise as it was apparent seeing the rating of the show. It seems that the show was about to start its filming back in March, but was not able to due to the corona situation. Finally, the time has come when the cast members of the second installment will start their shooting part.

The Oval Season 2

Filming With Full Protection

Even though permission has been given to start the filming process, the protection part should also be handled properly. All the cast members of the show will be quarantined at the Sprawling studio during the shooting. However, they will only come out only after the completion of the shooting part. The production will start on July 30.

The Oval Season 2

The process of making will be exciting for the members. However, we will not notice much effect on the story. But, we expect more of the pleasure serving from the side of The Oval Season 2. There will undoubtedly be more drama and endless good moments in the series. We have to wait further to know the upcoming twists and turns in the story.

The Oval Season 2: Release Date

The makers of The Oval Season 2 do not want their fans to wait long. The finale part of the first season came up on the web on July 22, 2020. Even amidst this pandemic, there are a lot of positive parts going on with the show. The second installment has been renewed, and it will start its filming part quite soon. Although there hasn’t been any release date of The Oval Season 2. But, the show will make its way to the fans this year. Whatever it be, we will always be updating you in this space.

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