April 22, 2024
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Rogue Trip Season 2: Happening? All The Details About It

Rogue Trip Season 2

Ever since Disney brought in there own streaming platform- Disney+, they have been bringing many family-oriented programs. Now, things are only getting better for them. Recently Disney+ collaborated with National Geographic and ABC News and created- Rogue Trip. The show is a travelogue and takes viewers on a virtual trip to many new and unexplored places around the world. The show takes some of the most unlikely spots that haven’t been in the spotlight yet. For all the viewers who have already seen the first season and are looking forward to Rogue Trip Season 2, this one is for you. Here are all the details about the show- 


What Has Happened So Far?

Disney+ recently brought in a new travel guide sort of show- Rogue Trip. The show acts as a travel guide to many locations that not all tourists would like to visit. So, the show proves to be doing justice to its name. The show takes all the viewers to many unexplored and dangerous places that have an infamous history. These places are often misunderstood by travelers even now, in this modern world. However, each of these episodes is great enough to surprise and mesmerize viewers. 

Rogue Trip Season 2

Mack and Bob Woodruff go on to many adventures that unveil the glam of their dangerous travel. They go to many locations and understand many cultures and immerse them well. In the same time, they also meet new people and admire the wildlife. Fans also got to see the challenges that people living in these remote regions face. 

Rogue Trip Season 2

Throughout the episodes, we get to see how the industry and greed of the people are pushing everything towards destruction. The first season sees both Mark and Bob going to Colombia, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Ukraine, Lebanon. In their journey, the father-son duo shares their inside jokes, do their dirty laundry and live in cramped up hotel rooms. Bob helps Mack and shows him all the hidden places he would love. The show Rogue Trip takes on many beautiful, hopeful, and breathtaking experiences. 

What’s In For Rogue Trip Season 2?

Bob Woodruff explained in a press release that he is way too excited for viewers to see the series around the world. Talking about the show, Bob says that it was an adventure of a lifetime. He loved being with Mack and discovering all the new places across the planet together. They were happy to explore all the things the world has the power to surprise, amaze, and inspire even after the past. Rogue Season 2 will stick to the same format. They might take viewers on a virtual trip to many destinations, who knows? 

Rogue Trip Season 2

When Would It Release?

The first season of the show Rogue Trip released on July 24, 2020, on Disney+. The show had six episodes. All of them surfaced on the streaming giant the same day. The show has bagged many praises for its unique format. This is the same thing that has made the show different from all other shows. 

Rogue Trip Season 2

The show has piqued the interests of viewers, especially those who love adventure. Fans have been asking for Rogue Trip Season 2 as soon as they finished binging it. If Disney feels the same sentiments, they would, for sure, bring another season. The show just released, so we suggest fans to be a bit patient with the show. We can expect Rogue Trip Season 2 to premiere sometime in 2022. 

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