May 20, 2024
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After Life Season 4: Not Coming? Is The Creator Lacking Of Ideas? Know All Details

After Life Season 4

Will there be no After Life Season 4? It seems that this year is going to be difficult for most of us, and especially for the fans of After Life. However, recently Ricky Gervais revealed his plans for the upcoming season of the show. Although After Life Season 3 hasn’t released yet, but the further fate of the show has been decided beforehand. We have brought all the updates regarding the latest news of the show, know below.


After Life is a British black comedy series. The show has been written and produced by Ricky Gervais, who is also the lead of the show. The story of the show revolves around the life of Tony after his wife’s death. His wife dies of breast cancer. Tony couldn’t make life alone and, at last, decides to commit suicide.

After Life Season 4

Furthermore, he changes the plan to living and punishing the world by doing whatever he wants to do. The show will make you imagine yourself and what you have done in a particular situation. Therefore, After Life is an excellent series with enough sorrow, laughter, and drama. If you haven’t yet watched, run, and watch because its worth it. But, it seems that the show won’t be continuing for too long.

After Life Season 4: Not Coming?

Ricky Gervais confirmed in an interview that he would not be making any further season after the third one. He has already made up his mind to make After Life Season 3 the show’s finale part. However, he thinks the show should be left at a certain point in time for viewers to continue the interest. Therefore, the show will be left at a better note rather than extending it without the need.

After Life Season 4

Will The Dog Die?

No, the main character, Tony’s pet dog, will not die in the coming season. The third installment of the show is still there to come up on the web. Fans are theorizing about the ending plot of the show. But, don’t worry, it will not end on a wrong note with anyone’s killing. Ricky himself announced that the pet dog would not die in the future of the show.

After Life Season 4

Running Out Of Ideas?

After Life is Ricky’s first series to reach a third season. However, his shows usually end at the second one. But, he still counts these two seasons of After Life to be only a half-season. But, is Ricky running out of ideas? No, that is not the exact reason. He loves to end the season at its tip and delving deeper. The show has probably been twisting at the tip. He thinks that he has now covered everything in the town. Therefore giving it a finale with the third season will be a better idea.

After Life Season 4

After Life Season 4: Release Date

After Life Season 4 has been dropped by the producer and writer Ricky Gervais. However, the third installment of the season hasn’t released yet. We speculate the coming season to be on the air in 2021. Till then, we will be updating you with all the latest information.

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