May 29, 2024
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Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date Out! What To Expect From The Manhwa & More

Solo Leveling Season 2

The wait is over now. We finally have the release date for Solo Leveling Season 2, and it is way sooner than anyone expected. The fans just can’t keep their calm to dive deeper into this manhwa. In a world full of Japanese mangas, this South-Korean web novel cemented its place with its debut installment. And now it’s about time the viewers will visit the adventures of this series again. 


Solo Leveling is a South-Korean manhwa (Korean term for comics and print cartoons, also known as a manga in Japan.) D&C Media published this web novel written by Chu-Gong. It’s also been licensed in English under the title “Only I Level Up.” It made its debut on March 4, 2018, with the final chapter being released on March 19, 2020. Since then, everyone’s been eagerly waiting for the second installment of the series. 

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2: What To Expect?

Every single reader of this web novel has very high expectations from the second season. Moreover, it is said to be the world’s one of the best manhwas with viewership over 1 million. It also ranked as no. 1 webtoon in Picomma’s ‘Best of 2019.’ The series introduces us to a universe, where all kind of beings and monsters exists. However, some people mentioned as ‘the predators’ who got the power to hunt them. The lead of the story, Sung Jin Woo is the weakest among them, belongs to the rank of E hunters, and is hardly more durable than a normal human being. 

The debut season concluded with Sung Jin-Woo finding a gate and battling with the monsters. Therefore, in Solo Leveling Season 2, the fans are more likely to see Sung Jin -Woo’s father, a national level hunter who went missing in the debut season. The viewers will see more in-depth analysis of characters in the second season, and to more precise the Sung-Jin-Woo character. The issues between American and China can be seen in the upcoming season. The fans might also see a battle between national hunters and the protagonist.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Plot

Will There Be A Full Fledged Anime?

After the huge success of the manhwa, the fans are demanding a full-fledged anime of the series. The manhwa is said to be one of the best web novels ever made with some brilliant character developments and action sequences. The fans will love to see an anime adaptation of it. It might be possible that the creators will announce the anime after the completion of Solo Leveling Season 2. Weebs and otakus are getting desperate to see an anime adaptation. And the enormous success of the manga might make it possible sooner than later. 

Solo Leveling Season 2: Release Date

The fans will see the second installment of this manhwa in the upcoming month. D&C Media made it official that Solo Leveling Season 2 will premiere on August 1, 2020. So, the fans should better prepare themselves because their minds will be blown soon. 

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