March 3, 2024
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Norsemen Season 3: Creators Revealed Season 3 Would Serve As Prequel, Season 4 Ahead

Norseman Season 3

Recently, the series creators Jonas Torgersen and Jon Iver Helgaker revealed that Norsemen Season 3 would break the series chronological chain. As it would focus on the early events that happened before the Jarl Varg regime. Though this Vikings group quest has put a hold for a particular period, as the creators want to explore the journey before the first season. But, that doesn’t mean their quest would stop here. In the upcoming season, many new faces would introduce and many different story arc would follow. So would it explain the origin of all the group members of the chieftain and rival chieftain groups? Let’s see!


Norsemen, created by Jonas Torgersen and Jon Iver Helgaker, is a comedy-drama series on Netflix. The series set in Norway, where a group of Vikings living in a small village of Norheim. It follows an ensemble cast lifestyle in the town. The way they deal with their daily life and handle conflict in a comedic manner, however, with passing time, the conflict between neighboring villages increases. That results in the battle with the rival tribe led by cruel Jarl Varg (Jon Øigarden). Further, Rufus (Trond Fausa Aurvåg), the Roman slave, attempts to modernize Norheim’s culture that leads the further ongoing dispute.

Norsemen Season 3: Showrunner Teased Possible Storyline

Norsemen first and second season followed a sequential story arc. In which, each episode delves into the fierce battle between the group of Vikings and the neighboring villages. The first season gained exceptional popularity for breaking up its weird humor during Norse’s funeral. The series earned a 7.8 positive response on IMDb because of its unique way of portraying Vikings’ lifestyle.

Would Serve As The Prequel

However, the upcoming season wouldn’t follow the same trend. In an interview, the co-creators Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen revealed that the third chapter of Norsemen would depict the early 790 AD. The duo stated that the upcoming season would explain the beginning of Frøya (Silje Torp) and Orm’s (Kåre Conradi) marriage journey. And why Frøya married Orm when she was not happy with her marriage.

It would also include how Jarl Varg became the leader of the rival chieftain and why he’s the rightful person to owe the map? There are so many unanswered questions left in the previous seasons, so the duo thought that the third season will be the right place to explain everything.

Jon and Jonas said: “Why on earth is Frøya married to Orm? Why do they bound the map to Jarl Varg? We thought there were so many untold stories from before the first season. So we dedicated to telling them.”

Season 4 Would Maintain The Trend

Though the third season would serve as the prequel of the series, the creators already planned a script to continue the story left in the second season. The duo revealed that they wouldn’t go far away from the prior story arc while portraying the early 790s period. They already know from where and how their main characters would join their quest.

They said: “We had plotted out most of the story beyond the second season. But we could not leave the wish to tell the story that led up to the first season. It’s safe to say that we don’t stray too far off the path of seasons one and two.”

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