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OutDaughtered: Busby Family Went On Their First RV Trip, Camping In The Woods


OutDaughtered couple Adam and Danielle Busby are super busy with the renovation of their house. And with that, they have six girls, including hyper-energetic quints to look after. The home remodeling has made things difficult for the two. However, they are devising new ways to keep their daughters engaged and happy. Just recently, the Busby family went on its first RV trip and did some night camping!

OutDaughtered: Busbys On Their First RV Trip

The Busby family has been visiting beaches and doing things while their kitchen is getting remodeled. This time, they packed their bags to go on a little adventure. Danielle shared on her Instagram that the family is taking its first RV trip. In an Instagram post, the mom of six mentioned that the family is off to its very first RV trip, and Adam is driving. Adam too shared about it with a witty caption.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Shares About Her Motion Sickness In Instagram Post

Danielle shared that she suffers from motion sickness that makes her puke if someone else drives. So, it has been she driving the family around all this time. However, on their RV trip, Adam drove the vehicle, and Danielle is grateful to meds for curing her sickness. She also shared a snap from their camp night.

Busbys Busy With Kitchen Remodeling And Six Daughters

Danielle shared in her Instagram stories about kitchen remodeling. She shared that it is taking a toll on them and wants to get it over soon. However, the family has got a lovely outside temporary kitchen set up. Danielle shared the kitchen area and revealed that she had been mac n cheese. The girls love it, and it is easy to cook on the grill burner.

The Busbys are doing their best to keep the girls busy. The girls are also enjoying their summer. We hope that their house remodeling gets over soon enough for them to spend time indoors.

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