April 13, 2024
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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8: Will Lagina Brothers Return? Theories Leading To Treasure, All Details

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

The Curse of Oak Island just completed the seventh season of the series. Ever since the season concluded, fans are looking forward to The Curse of Oak Island Season 8. Until now, the team has explored various locations on the island that gave them a hint about where the treasure could be. Will Lagina brothers and their team come back to solve the mystery and make history? Here are all the details about The Curse of Oak Island Season 8-


Is The Show Renewed?

History channel hasn’t renewed The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 yet. However, fans are already sure that the show is happening. The show has a huge viewership up till the seventh season. So, we can be sure that Lagina brothers and their team will come back to solve the whole mystery. They will complete the business they could not in the seventh season. And after all, how could they cancel the treasure-hunt show until the treasure is not found? 

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8: What Could Be Coming Next?

Lagina Brothers will come back in the eighth season to explore more of The Oak Island and discover more about the secrets. Until now, Lagina Brothers had been working on the whole island. But now, Lagina Brothers will be focusing more on all the critical places. In the seventh season of the show, the team was exploring Shaft 8. All fans can hope that they would find something important in that place. It is also possible that they would be able to unveil the secrets. 

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

The Samuel Ball’s Secret Tunnel 

By the end of the seventh season, the team did a radar survey on Samuel Ball’s property. The team worked to uncover what they think is a tunnel. They think that it has some connection with the treasure hiding near Ball’s house, or maybe it is the money pit. The whole Oak Island team is working to figure out things about the tunnel. But is it really that?

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

The television images reveal that the tunnel is quite small, perhaps only 40 cm wide. So, that can’t be used as a passageway for humans. The exploration using the snake camera revealed that it is a low cavity and is covered by flat stones. That suggests that Samuel Ball did not move gold using that tunnel from the Money Pit. 

Fans Have Suggestions On What It Could Be

One of the Reddit users suggests that the tunnel doesn’t seem very elegant enough, and perhaps it could be a sewer line or maybe even covered drain. Earlier in 2016, Archaeologist Jennifer Bracewell and her team had found a similar structure only a bit bigger in size in the 18th century Maison Nivard site. The archeological team had back then concluded that the main question for them was whether the structure was a drain used for domestic sewage or just for agricultural runoff? The fan added. 

Earlier in an article in 2001, Northeast Historical Archeology, Sherene Baugher has discussed the drainage features on various archeological sites. The illustrations he presented seem very much like the tunnel near Ball’s land. The fan went on to say that he really hopes that the team follows up with it and finds out what the tunnel really does. Is it connect to the house, or is it an agricultural drain. 

Has Anyone Else Found The Treasure Before Lagina Brothers? 

Treasures are a tale that everyone gets attracted to. While there aren’t many shreds of evidence of all the treasure hunters, it is believed that the Oak Island saga first started in 1799 when three teenagers found a depression on the Island, which was believed to be a place with hidden treasure. Ever since then, many people have tried to find the treasure but haven’t been very successful. There are many theories surrounding the treasure, here is what it is- 

The South Shore Theory

The South Shore Theory takes us back to the sixteenth century. It speculates that Sir Francis Bacon had hidden something precious and incredible on the Island. To save his treasure, he had put up many booby traps. These traps could be seas, water, pits, and shafts. All fans who have been keeping up with the show for years, Lagina brothers have found pieces of evidence of shaft, the money pit, and even found the coconut traces. Could this theory have some significance? 

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

Treasure Pirate Theories

This is one of the earliest theories regarding the treasures hidden in the Oak Island. According to the theory, a pirate- Captain Kidd buried some treasure. They, in fact, made the Oak Island their treasure bank. Another pirate-treasure theory speculates that another Pirate Edward Teach had buried treasure deep in the lands of the Island where only either he or the satan would find it. 

The Templars Theory

William S. Crooker, the author of the book Oak Island Gold, suggests that Templars, or maybe Incas, made the money pit to hide their treasure from the Spanish conquerors. But then, when the British invaded the land, the engineers and sailors dug the pit and looted the whole treasure. 

The Death Theory 

One of the most speculated theories surrounding the treasure at Oak Island is the death theory. The legend of this theory suggests that the treasure on the Island is, in fact, cursed. The treasure would only be found after seven deaths while finding the treasure. Over the years, many people have gone on to find the treasure. As for now, six people have died while finding the treasure. 

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8: Release Date

While we are very confident that The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 is coming, we also know that the next season is delayed. The show will take a long time to release as compared to all the previous seasons of the series. One of the biggest reasons for this is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected everything, only causing the delay. While productions are resuming this August but would Curse of Oak Island Start productions now? 

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 8

Another reason for the possible delay is the budget issue. By the end of the seventh season, Marty Lagina revealed that they are facing a budget problem and wouldn’t be able to come back until they have enough financial aid. Other than that, all the members of the team seem very excited to be back for the eighth season.

So, we can expect them all to come soon and start digging and solving the mysteries on Oak Island. Latest reports reveal that the borders to Nova Scotia will be closed until at least January 2021. So, if the team starts working on it in 2021, we can expect to see the show sometime in 2022. We will keep updating this space with the latest news. You keep checking to know all the updates.  

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