May 25, 2024
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Scissor Seven Season 3: Releases Soon? When Will It Arrive On Netflix?

Scissor Seven Season 3

Scissor Seven was the best gift Netflix subscribers got for the quarantine. The streamer released the first two seasons of this hilarious anime within a few months this year. Millions of fans around the world fell in love with the titular character and his story. Well, now that we’ve binged all its episodes, it’s time to ask for the renewal of Scissor Seven Season 3. Will it ever return? Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated show that debuted in China back in April 2018. The series received positive reviews and was soon renewed for a sequel. Surprisingly, the second season rose to fame in no time and earned itself a loyal fanbase. In January 2020, Netflix picked up the anime for international release. It was then recognized and appreciated by millions of Netflix subscribers worldwide. The streamer aired the second installment in May 2020.

Scissor Seven Season 3

Scissor Seven Season 3: Renewal Updates & More

As of now, none of its producers have confirmed the return of the Wuxia (“martial heroes” genre in Chinese fiction) anime. Fans have been expecting an announcement by Netflix. However, Netflix is only the international streamer of the show and does not have a say in its renewal. Although considering that the platform provided most of the viewership to the series, it may participate in some decisions related to Scissor Seven’s future.

Scissor Seven gained popularity upon its release on Netflix. The demand for a third season is constantly increasing. Luckily, the producers of the anime have not canceled it yet. Hence, there’s still hope for another sequel. Besides, unlike most Japanese anime, this Chinese animated show does not take as long to return to the screens. Currently, we can only hope that Scissor Seven Season 3 bags the green flag sooner this year.

Scissor Seven Season 3

What Will Happen In The Next Season?

The story of this popular anime centers around its titular character, who suffers from amnesia and aims to retrieve his memories. In order to seek an expensive medical operation, Seven decides to become a hitman. However, his inability to kill makes the task quite difficult and comical at the same time. Meanwhile, several mysteries from his past life keep popping up that sets the perfect plot for a Wuxia series.

Well, the storyline of this amazing is unlike any other show of its genre. The series is completely unpredictable and unique, making it hard for fans to guess what happens next. However, the Season 2 finale sets an exciting plot for Scissor Seven Season 3. Our leading character will embark on a new mission to kill the chief of the killer league. Seven and Thirteen will be leaving the Chicken island in the upcoming installment. Yet, the task won’t be easy as top killers will stand in his way.

Scissor Seven Season 3

2020 Release Date For Scissor Seven Season 3?

The first season of the anime debuted in China back in April 2018, while its sequel arrived in October 2019. Both these installments have a gap of more than a year between them. Hence, it is expected that Scissor Seven Season 3 might take the same amount of time. Given this pattern, some brand new episodes might premiere towards the end of 2020. However, due to the pandemic situation, the release might get delayed until early to mid-2021. We will update this section with all future updates related to the third season.

Do you want another season of this anime? What are your expectations from Scissor Seven Season 3? Tell us in the comments below.

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