June 15, 2024
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Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown and Her Husband Gave Future Baby Updates

Sister Wives

Aspyn Brown is the first child of Kody Brown and Christine Brown. After Christine had five more kids. Plus, Aspyn also has 12 half-siblings. Christine made some revelations about her daughter’s family plans. Let’s take a look. 


Sister Wives: Does Aspyn Brown Want Kids?

Aspyn is married to Mitch Thompson, the guy she had a huge crush on since they went to Church together. They lost touch for some time. However, they reconnected in Utah at a rally when she decided to give him a call. Even though during their early years of college life, they were apart. But Mitch and Aspyn ended up in a happy marriage. 

At the end of 2017, the couple was visiting his mother and they went for a walk. They were supposed to have dinner together when Mitch decided to propose. Eventually, they tied the knot in 2018 and are currently living in Utah. 

They’re a newly married couple and the most common question posed to them is whether they are planning on having kids. Christine opened up on this and said that they’ll first enjoy the early years of their newly married time together for now. The couple has also previously mentioned that they wish to have kids in the future. 

Sister Wives: What’s Going On With Other Brown Family Members?

There was some uncertainty regarding a new season is in works for Sister Wives for a while. However, Cristine hinted in one of her lives that they have an NDA signed up. She also stopped her daughter from revealing something to the fans. This indicates that we are likely to see the unconventional lifestyle of the Brown family pan out on TLC once again. 

In the previous season, we saw the Brown family trying to keep up with their finances even though they were drowning in monetary terms. Meri and Kody have their own set of marital issues to sort through. However, according to the recent updates from one of the Brown kids, it’s an exaggeration of the real-life situation. In other words, even though Kody and Meri’s issues are real, TLC has them amped up to make the drama more intense.

It would be interesting to watch Kody and his family cope up with their vast expenses. Not to mention, the personal relationships are a usual roller coaster. The women of the family have stepped in to save the family from drowning financially. Meri and Christine are at it with their live videos for selling LuLaRoe merchandise. 

What do you think is in for the future of the Brown family? Let us know in the comments below. 

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