March 1, 2024
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Family Guy Season 19: Fox Announced Premiere Date And Cast Details, New Adventure Ahead

Family Guy Season 19

Filming of many series got affected by the global pandemic this year. However, the animated series Family Guy didn’t caught up in the current health crisis. Recently, Fox announced that Family Guy Season 19 would soon land on the Fox channel. Further, in the recent Comic-Con@Home panel, the series creator discussed the next quest for the Griffin family. Along with this, he discussed some of his favorite episodes from the past seasons, and how they would link them with the Griffin family’s next quest. If you missed it, then stay with us to get all the recent updates.


Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, is an animated sitcom on Fox. The series focuses on the Griffin family and their quest. It includes father Peter Griffin, a clumsy and bumbling yet well-planned blue collar-worker. Lois, a piano teacher, and stay-at-home mother. She’s a part of the wealthy Pewterschmidt family. Meg, their teenage daughter who is often ignored and bullied by the family. Chris, their annoying teenage son, who’s the younger version of his father. Stewie, their evil infant son who uses clichéd arch-villain phrases and an evil genius in adult-mannered. Brian, their witty and English speaking humanlike dog who’s living with this insane family.

Family Guy Season 19: Release Date Out

Making of Family Guy Season 19 began before Fox had renewed the series. Well, animation has nothing to do with the current condition going outside. That’s why Season 19 is now in the middle to finish the development of the series. And Fox’s announcement made it clear that soon the production team would wrap up the series. So, get ready, your favorite Family Guy Season 19 would air on 7 September 2020 on Fox.

Family Guy Season 19: Cast Details

Of course, all the lead voices from the previous season would return to give their voice to the Griffin family. In the last season, we have seen that the Griffin family extended. These new members are from Spooner Street’s neighbors and the kids’ peers and teachers at Adam West High School. As well as Peter’s colleagues at Quahog Channel 5 News.

Thus, Seth MacFarlane is back to voice over the three main characters, including Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Brian (dog). Alex Borstein will voice over Lois Griffin’s character. At the same time, Mila Kunis will voice over Meg, and Seth Green over Chris. However, some new voice actors will also be heard in the Family Guy Season 19. These are Kevin Bacon, Clyde Anderson, Kevin Spacey, Nick Lloyd, and more.

Family Guy Season 19: New Adventure For The Griffin Family

As we all know, the Griffin family is famous for picking up some dark, controversial subjects which happened in the present-day world. So considering the theme on which this series had completed so many seasons. We can expect that the Griffin family would portray the current pandemic effects caused by the deadly coronavirus. There’s a slight chance that the audience would see how Griffin’s family manages everything during the lockdown.

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