May 30, 2024
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‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Trailer Out: STDs, COVID-19 Tests Put Moms Under Pressure

Teen Mom 2

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is returning with a new season. The stars are ready to explode with their performances. And while the pandemic grips the world, the trailer comes out for the 10th season. It features the ladies struggling with highs and lows. It seems that some might actually call it quits after this season. And some may soar high. Let us see what to expect from the incoming season 10.


Teen Mom 2: Leah Messer Open Up About Addiction To Pain Medication

Some of the famous stars showed their life trajectories in the seal peek of season 10. Leah Messer admitted to her addiction to pain medication. She revealed her struggle with substance abuse in the past. On the other hand, Chelsea Houska spoke about the ‘shitty situation’ with her daughter, Aubree. She fears going back to court over the same issue. Moreover, she also notes that coronavirus is ‘actually a big deal.’

Kailyn Lowry Preps For Welcoming Fourth Child, Jade Is Frustrated With Family Tension

In the trailer, we see Kailyn Lowry preparing to welcome her fourth child. She gave birth to a baby boy on July 30. Meanwhile, Briana DeJesus admits having sex with the father of her 3-year0old daughter, Stella. Later, she changed her stance in the confessional. Briana remarked that she has ‘not processed’ that Hernandez ‘gave me an STD.’ Jade Cline expresses her frustration with filming the show. She is downcast with the tension building in her family and says that she is ‘done being people’s doormat.’

Teen Mom 2: Briana Updated Her Fans, Will Have A Trashy Season

Briana gave an update on her storyline in season 10 via a tweet. She mentioned that the upcoming season would be trash for her. However, the updated tweet stands deleted. Let us wait for season 10 to hit the screens.

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