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Counting On: Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Secretly Going Through A Tough Marriage

Counting On stars are famous for their almost similar dating histories. They enter their first courtship, announce it to the world, and get married a few months later. However, this was not the case with Josiah Duggar. He courted Marjorie Jackson in 2015. The couple parted ways after taking their relationship public. Josiah is believed to be the only Duggar having a breakup. He is likely headed for another. Have a look.

Fans Think That Not Everything Is Right Between Josiah And Lauren

Josiah Duggar married Lauren in 2018, and the couple shares a daughter. The two seem to be in love. But the fans think that not everything is right between them. Although Josiah was enthusiastic about his marriage, it appears that he slowly lost interest. The couple even suffered a miscarriage within a year of their wedding. It is possible that things never got back to normal for the two.

Counting On: Are Josiah Duggar And Lauren Together?

A clip from the show left fans wondering about the equation between Josiah and Lauren. Lauren was seemingly devastated after her miscarriage. She said that ‘all the dreams of getting to see our little one dashed before our eyes.’ However, she was overjoyed to find that she was pregnant again. When the couple was preparing to welcome Bella, the show captured their interactions. They appeared forced and bland.

The clip featured Josiah talking about working in the nursery for their baby girl. This was followed by Lauren touching upon the bookshelves and wall hanging she wants to see in the nursery. She further explained her health complications and added that she is doing the best she can to help Josiah.

Counting On: Fans Find Josiah And Lauren Awkward Around Each Other

The fans discussed their reactions after watching the video. They complained that Josiah and Lauren appeared awkward around each other. One of them commented that Josiah looks so odd around his wife. Another chimed in saying that the couple seemed uncomfortable around each other. And while the debate continued, others theorized that the couple is pretty much happy with each other.

Was Josiah Forced To Marry Lauren After His Split With Marjorie?

There are rumors that Josiah was forced to marry Lauren after his split with Marjorie. The news of official breakup never came in. So, the fans assume that Duggars tried to sweep the matter under the carpets. Another point could be Josiah is just 23, and Laren is 21. A painful miscarriage might have affected the psyche of the two. It is only but a matter of time before the couple would get along with each other.


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