March 1, 2024
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Freeform Opted Not To Renew The Show After Siren Season 3, Know Reason Behind

Siren Season 3

Siren Season 3 will serve as the finale of the show, as Freeform decided not to renew the show for the upcoming season. However, the show seems to be performing well on the platform. The last season just came up on the web in late May with enough engagement rate. Let us find out the reason behind the cancellation of the show.


The American drama Siren revolves around the small town of Bristol Cove. The place which was famous for mermaid and mermen becomes wrecked with the coming of Eline Powell. She has come looking for her lost sister, abducted by the local military. We further see Ben and Maddie working on the mission of finding the lost sister. Siren is filled with drama and mystery. The plot of the show will fantasize you as the mermaids can also live on land and get involved with the society. It involves intensity, romance, drama, mystery, and keeps you on edge as well.

Siren Season 3

However, in the last season of the Siren, we saw Ben, Maddie, and Ryn planning to join more people to overthrow humanity. However, if not canceled, the show was about to show the thrilling war in the future season.

Deadliest Mermaids

Siren had the deadliest and the sexiest mermaids, who could haunt you to death. The show wasn’t the fantasy kid drama, in fact, a matured and mindful one. The plot is all about small-town monster mystery. If you haven’t yet watched the show, run for it because you are missing one of the finest dramas. However, the show is facing its end and will not be up for its another season.

Siren Season 3

Siren Season 3: The End

It has been confirmed that the streaming network has canceled the upcoming season of Siren. However, the show had a good rating for its previous seasons. Siren Season 2 was the most-watched Freeform’s original series. It seems that Siren Season 3 wasn’t able to meet the same end as that of the previous season. It dropped the engagement rate because of which ratings dopped. However, the numbers weren’t that low to cancel the upcoming season. Even after its fall, Siren remained one of the top shows of the network.

Siren Season 3

Siren Season 3: Wrapped Up Of The Story

The ending of Siren Season 3 almost wrapped up the show, but not in a satisfying way. It has captured a long-awaited showdown between Ryn and Tia. Moreover, the ending also showed the winning of good over evil, which was the perfect way to end the series. Although there could have been more of an elaborative element in it. The fans will not be able to know about the missing story, like Ben’s whereabouts. We have to live by thinking about our kind of story.

Siren Season 3

Other Freeform Shows

While Siren is facing the end, Freeform is planning to release some new shows on the web. The network has been working on a unique show named ‘Love in the Time of Corona.’ It will probably focus on the situation of dating in the time of lockdown. However, Freeform has renewed several series like “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” “Motherland: Fort Salem,” and more. But the filming part of the upcoming series will probably take time to start. Be in our link; we will be updating you.

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