May 27, 2024
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Prison Break Season 6: Will Michael Scofield Get Justice? Dominic Purcell Assuring Fans

Prison Break Season 6

Well, it’s been three years since Prison Break Season 5 finale hit the network. Now, fans are wondering when Prison Break Season 6 makes its return. Although it’s been long, still the sixth season officially synopsis hasn’t released yet. However, nobody knows the reason for such a delay. But, recently, Michael Thorn, President of Fox Entertainment, confirmed that the filming for Prison Break Season 6 would start soon once everything gets clear. Unfortunately, after getting approval, the series still have to wait to start filming because of the current health crisis.


Prison Break, created by Paul Scheuring, is a crime-drama series on Fox. The series follows two brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell). Lincoln was sentenced to death for a crime that he hasn’t performed. He was charged for murdering the brother of Vice President of the United States. Later, Michael created a detailed plan to help his brother flee from the prison and clear his name. To support his brother Michael commits an armed heist to get access to Fox River State Penitentiary. From there, he started executing his plan.

Prison Break Season 6: Confirmed Filming To Start Soon

Well, in January 2018, Fox officially announced that Prison Break would return with the sixth run. Michael Thorn, President of Fox Entertainment, confirmed that the sixth season is at the early stages of its development. However, since then we haven’t received any news about whether the filming started yet. But, recently, Thorn confirmed that filming would begin soon. Still, fans have to be more patient as things aren’t in their hands right now.

Dominic Purcell Keeping Alive The Fate

Firstly, because of specific reasons that team members were forced to stop making of Prison Break Season 6. However, when things started to calm soon, then the global pandemic affected its filming again. But, thanks to Dominic Purcell for encouraging the fans to stay positive. Throughout these years, Dominic, via his social media platforms, assured everybody that the sixth season would start soon. Even in this pandemic crisis, he never missed a day. He stated that once the situation comes under control, then they’ll undoubtedly begin filming.

Prison Break Season 6: What Possible Twist To Expect?

Mike Jr Will Play A Key Part In The Series

Michael and Sara Tancredi’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) son Mike Jr. (Christian Michael Cooper) will play a major role in the next season. In an interview, Miller confirmed that the series would explore multiple generations. We have seen him in prison, helping his brother to escape. However, it’s likely that in the sixth season, he would get free from prison life and return to his wife and son. Since he’s away from them for so long, it’s a perfect time to explore their family bond.

Michael Struggles To Deal With Outer World

It wouldn’t be easy for Michael Scofield to cope up with the outer world. He has spent considerable time in prison now. So dealing with the people out there won’t be that easy. After all the suffering and trauma that he dealt in the last season, his struggle would pitch in when he returns to his normal life. However, it might be possible that his son’s tender love could make it possible for him.

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