April 23, 2024
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The Flash Season 7: New Poster Teased Iris West’s Return, Big Threat Of Mirror Master

The Flash Season 7

In the previous season, Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) spent ample time in the mirror dimension while her mirror replica was freely roaming in Central City. But now our beloved Iris is back to acclaim her position back in The Flash Season 7. The CW released a new poster teasing the rebirth of Iris. Thus, the sixth season turmoil between the couple Iris replica and Barry Allen might get a little lighter. However, the chaotic twist could also lead to damage their relationship. But, whatever happens in the seventh season is still mysterious, and fans have to wait a little more to resolve this confusion.


The Flash, created by Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti, is a superhero drama series on The C.W. The series based on Barry Allen/ Flash a superhero character of D.C. Comics who has the power to move at the light speed. It is an Arrow’s spin-off existing in the same fictional universe called Arrowverse. It follows Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a crime-scene agent who gains light speed powers after the S.T.A.R. explosion. He uses that lab particle accelerator to hunt the metahumans and combat the enemies running in Central City as a masked superhero named Flash.

The Flash Season 7: New Poster Released

Yesterday, the most anticipated series poster for The Flash Season 7 has released, teasing that Iris will return. The visual is heroic and dynamic, where Iris is confidently standing in front and center of the poster with the superheroes’ action background. Further, the broken glass pieces at the back of Iris highlight Iris’ escape from Eva McCulloch’s mirror dimension. This blends perfectly with the tagline “Heroes will be reborn.”

The Flash Season 7: What To Expect?

It was a bitter time for Iris in the past season when Eva had captured her and replaced her with Eva’s creations. So in the majority of the sixth season, everyone interacted with Iris’ replica, who’s working to accomplish Eva’s goals. However, in the last few episodes, everything started to get clear to Barry when he realizes Iris is replaced. But, in the end, the mirror Iris got destroyed while Eva flees back to her mirror dimension to survive.

Will Iris’ Doppelganger Return?

In the last season, Iris was forced to be indifferent as her replica roamed in Central City. But, finally, her doppelganger was exposed and destroyed. However, the real Iris was still trapped there. So how she escapes from the mirror dimension is still a mystery. Further, it’s yet to reveal what character she would play in the seventh season. Whether the real Iris would make her return to the real world or again, Eva’s creation would join Barry and his team. Now, how Barry saves his wife would be interesting to watch.

New Mirror Master Is A Big Threat

According to showrunner Eric Wallace, there are so many things going on which will affect Barry the most. Further, the shortening of the sixth season will put a huge burden on the seventh season to cover. In the sixth season finale, the team faces a new Mirror Master Efrat Dor, a big threat to Central City. While searching for his missing wife, Flash must regroup with his team and battle the new risk. Ultimately, The Flash and his team would somehow defeat the Mirror Master, but things would turn darker afterward.

Barry And Iris’ Marriage Is At Brink

While Barry fighting with the Mirror Master and trying his best to contact his missing wife, Iris unleashed some troubling facts. That would disturbs Iris and Barry’s marriage life. Not only their marriage, but these facts would also threaten the team. But, will their marriage indeed in danger or they could safely handle the consequences. Well, everything would get more transparent in the seventh season.

The Flash Season 7: Release Date

The sixth season got cut short due to the current health crisis. However, those missing loops would get resolve in The Flash Season 7. Generally, the new season begins in the fall. But, this time, the fans have to wait till 2021 to explore the mysterious life in Arrowverse.

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