May 26, 2024
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Death Note Season 2: Returns In 2021? Will Feature Ex-President Trump? Here’s Everything About The Plot!

Death Note Season 2

Yet again, Death Note Season 2 is trending all over the internet. After the revival of its long-dead manga, chances for the return of the anime have increased. The controversial plot of Death Note’s new manga has spiked thousands of speculations about the anime sequel. In fact, fans may get to watch a character that resembles the current US President in the second installment. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Hence, here’s everything you need to know about the much-awaited sequel.


Even after fourteen years of its release, Death Note has remained one of the most popular animes that ever existed. Today, it is the second-highest rated anime (IMDb) and is a part of the top 30 highest-rated TV series list in the world. Well, the 2006 anime is also the best adaptation of writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata’s Death Note manga series. The manga began serialization back in 2004 and ended with its twelfth volume in 2006. However, the writer-illustrator finally returned to continue their famous story in February 2020.

Death Note Season 2

Death Note: Special One Shot Manga Release In 2020!

Despite heavy demands of revival, the highly popular Death Note manga series remained dead for almost fourteen years. The last volume of the manga that released in July 2006, wrapped up the plot of the series by concluding lead character Light Yagami’s storyline (and life). Hence, fans weren’t certain if the manga artists will write a sequel or not. Fortunately, earlier this year, the writer-illustrator duo finally confirmed the launch of a new Death Note manga.

In early January 2020, the news broke out that the Death Note manga series will finally return after all these years. It was then revealed that it will be a standalone One Shot manga and will continue the original story. In no time, fans started speculating whether Light will return in the sequel or not. There were also theories related to him coming back to life. However, upon the manga’s release in February 2020, readers discovered that the sequel has moved on from Light’s story.

Death Note: Special One Shot was cherished by the franchise’s fanbase. It also received fairly positive reviews from readers and critics alike. However, a large number of fans rejected the ending of the sequel. They complained that the new manga was not as thrilling as the original books.

Death Note Season 2: Anime Renewal 

The 2007 anime series is still the best adaptation of its manga. Despite heavy demand, Studio Madhouse never renewed the anime for a second round. However, the main reason behind the same was the lack of source material. The television animated series had already consumed almost all volumes of the manga (leaving Volume 12). Hence, Death Note Season 2 never made it to the screens all these years.

However, now that the new standalone manga has released, the creators will finally have a storyline for S2. Madhouse and many other studios had all been waiting to pick up Death Note Season 2 once they have suitable content. The anime sequel still has a huge market and might become immensely profitable for its producers. Hence, in the current situation, chances for its renewal have heightened. As per speculations, the green flag for the new installment might arrive anytime soon.

Death Note Season 2

What Will Happen In The New Season? *Major Spoilers*

Might Feature President Trump?

The recently released Death Note: Special One Shot took unexpected turns. The story takes place ten years after the events of the original manga. Although we move on from Light Yagami’s story, Shinigami Ryuk returns to the human world. He approaches a middle-school student Minoru Tanaka who’s as intelligent as L. However, unlike the previous lead character, Minoru decides to sell off the power of Kira to the highest bidder. As soon as the auction goes public, different world leaders, including the presidents of China and the US (appearing similar to the real-life presidents), start bidding for the Death Note. However, things go downhill after the bidding proceeds.

Death Note Season 2

According to reports, Madhouse might adapt this story as the plot of Death Note Season 2. However, as fans did not like the end of the Special One Shot manga, we hope that the studio will come up with another conclusion.

Death Note Season 2: Release Date

We’re already halfway through 2020, and Madhouse (or another studio) is yet to renew Death Note Season 2. However, it’s likely that the renewal will arrive later this year. Being a massive project, the sequel might have a long production schedule. As of now, a late-2021 release date seems most plausible. We will update this section once the official date is announced.

Do you want another season of the anime? What do you think should happen in Death Note Season 2? Share with us in the comments below.

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