Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2: Love And Clashes Waiting Ahead, Know Production Status, Plot, And Release Date

South Korean drama has reached everyone’s doorstep and has become their favorite watch. And Love Alarm is one of the most loved Korean teen drama. The show did exceptionally well with its debut leading to the renewal of the second installment. Many fans speculate that Love Alarm Season 2 will release by the end of this year. But will this be able to happen? Let’s find out.

The South Korean drama ‘Love Alarm’ is based on the Daum Webtoon of the same name. The show revolves around the story of finding love. It focuses on an app that lets everyone find out the feeling of people within the range of 10m. The show is an exciting romance teen drama that will involve you until the end. Also, the series also ranked Netflix’s top release of 2019. The

Korean drama always lets you see real and versatile acting skills. The plot is kept real and clear, with the minimal yet perfect story. The name of the show is also held on the app, ‘Joalarm,’ also signified as Love Alarm. We find the love triangle between three school teens, Kim Jo-Jo, Hwang Sun-Oh, and Lee Hye-Young. We have to see further how their friendship or relationship will take a turn in Love Alarm Season 2.

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2: Production Status!

The whole entertainment industry has been affected by this ongoing pandemic. The same seems to be happening with Love Alarm Season 2. Fans speculated the show to return in August 2020. However, this didn’t happen because of the delay faced. The production process has not been started yet. Whatever it be, the streaming giant will keep us updated with the future scenario. One thing for sure is that the upcoming season has not been canceled. The renewal was announced in October 2019. Season 2 is taking more time, though that seems to be common in the current scenario.

Love Alarm Season 2

What Will Happen?

It is evident that the plotline of Love Alarm Season 2 will revolve around the three characters: Kim Jo-Jo, Lee Hye-Yeong, and Hwang Sun-Oh. There will be more love and clashes between them. Kim Jo-Jo will be choosing one of the boys as her partner. The love has started to create a war kind of thing between two best friends. Will the love issue get solved? The problem will definitely not get resolved entirely. But, there will be some clarification in the coming season. However, these three characters will undoubtedly be facing a lot of changes in their relationships. Therefore, Season 2 is going to a tense ride but probably a thrilling one.

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date

We haven’t heard any official announcement regarding the coming of Love Alarm Season 2. We speculate the show to come up in 2021. It will probably start its production work by the end of 2020. As things will slowly be getting back to normal, keeping safety and protection in mind. We have to wait for the streaming giant to announce the upcoming updates further officially. Till then, we will be keeping you updated in this space.

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